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    16 Old People Who Deserve An A For Effort For Trying Their Best To Understand Technology

    Bless their hearts.

    1. This person who was no match for a TV remote:

    2. This person who didn't really understand what text autocomplete was:

    3. This person who mistook their own message for someone else's:

    4. This person who thought their own Facebook post was someone else's comment:

    5. This person who didn't know iPads were an Apple product:

    6. This person who didn't understand voice-to-text or Bitmoji:

    7. This person who misunderstood Xbox Live:

    8. This person who mistook the 💩 emoji for something totally different:

    Person thought the poop emoji was a cupcake and got it as a card for someone
    u/soju_b / Via

    9. This person who totally messed up their voice-to-text message:

    10. This person who unintentionally sent their grandchild a link:

    11. This person who went through a lot of work for what could've been a text:

    12. This person who didn't know how to take a screenshot:

    13. This person who couldn't copy and paste a link:

    14. This person who couldn't figure out how to google their question:

    15. This person who had yet to learn about the flip camera option (and didn't think to just turn the phone around?):

    16. And these people who had absolutely no idea what they were doing:

    H/T: r/oldpeoplefacebook.