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    25 Things Non-Americans Find Weird About American TV That, TBH, Make A Lot Of Sense

    Points were made.

    1. The amount of commercials:

    why do american shows consist of 20 monutes of ads and like 5 minutes of the actual show in between the ads

    Twitter: @eternaIyoons

    2. The medicine commercials:

    okay i've never really watched american tv but why do they have medicine ads??? like you have to ask doctors about specific medicine instead of it being prescribed??? wtf

    Twitter: @oranginadrank

    3. The premiere times:

    Why do american tv shows have to say 10/9c it's just confusing and i have no idea what it means. why cant the just say the show is on at 9pm

    Twitter: @dlphinecormier

    4. The casting for teen roles:

    Why do American TV series think they can get away with casting 30 year old ripped af men to play high school students.........

    Twitter: @gemmastanley_

    5. The laugh tracks:

    Why do american tv shows have audience's with ridiculously loud laughs that find everything funny.......

    Twitter: @eosbornex

    6. The censorship of nudity:

    Why is violence more tolerated on American TV than than upper body nudity?

    Twitter: @DC_confused

    7. The yellow tint on other countries:

    Why do American movies and tv shows, show third world countries yellow? Like hello we do have blue skies, rainbows and red flowers. you know that right?

    Twitter: @aditi_diy

    8. The high schoolers' appearance:

    Why do American movies and tv shows have the freshman really hot Like Have you ever actually seen a 14 year old boy

    Twitter: @itsnattdiaz

    9. The show intros:

    i hate american tv shows, the intros are like 10 minutes long, WHY!? and its always dead cheesy and made to seem dead extreme

    Twitter: @pudwinnn

    10. The sound effects:

    Why do american tv shows have the loudest music/sound effects but quietest talking?? 😩

    Twitter: @aimee6661

    11. The recaps at the beginning of episodes:

    Why do all American tv shows feel the need to recap Whats happened so far through the season. At the start of every single episode!

    Twitter: @BenAlanDavies

    12. The shoes on the bed:

    why do ppl in american dramas always wear their shoes in bed? isnt it gross/inappropriate? i know its tv but cant they try a bit harder?

    Twitter: @nataliette

    13. The long opening credits:

    No but seriously why do American tv shows have the credits still coming up 20 minutes into the show?

    Twitter: @YetAnotherGleek

    14. The constant breaks throughout a season:

    Why do American tv shows have so many mid-season breaks?! Just air the whole damn season already! :/

    Twitter: @KmuseChu

    15. The classic science fair volcano:

    Why does everybody in American films and tv shows have to build a volcano for school?

    Twitter: @jakbls

    16. The teasing of Canadians:

    Why do American TV shows always make fun of Canadians? We're pretty much the same, not some crazy foreign species.

    Twitter: @Black_Buckskin

    17. The constant summarizing of events:

    why do american tv shows over explain everything like its not that deep bro just lemme watch

    Twitter: @rosycheeksclub

    18. The names of British characters:

    Why do American tv shows think that British men don’t have normal names? I have NEVER met anyone called Griffin or Wren.

    Twitter: @fionalongmuir

    19. The fake car scenes:

    Why do American TV shows always do car scenes in a fake car in a studio? It looks so cheap and obviously fake. Why not do what we brits do and film in an actual car on an actual road 🤷🏻‍♂️. If we can do it I’m sure they can.

    Twitter: @Shaunjenks

    20. The school-wide text:

    how come in American tv shows when someone sends a text it goes to the whole school? does everyone have each others numbers or something?

    Twitter: @rhch155

    21. The lockers in school:

    why does no one in American tv high schools have lockers on the bottom?????? life questions????? pls where are the bottom locker people????

    Twitter: @georginaxleanor

    22. The accents of British characters:

    Why do American TV shows always make British people really really posh? WE DON'T ACTUALLY TALK LIKE THAT

    Twitter: @NicolaLeptos97

    23. The long seasons:

    Why do American shows have to have long ass seasons?!😩

    Twitter: @MiddletonPlays

    24. The dramatization of high school:

    Why do American tv shows/films about high school make it sound so awful and it’s something students need to “survive”?? Is it really that bad ? 😂

    Twitter: @tlc546

    25. And, the singing:

    Why do American tv shows have an obsession with random musical episodes?

    Twitter: @GFreeHorizons

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    What other things about American TV do you not understand? Let us know in the comments below!

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