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    15 Pieces Of Foreshadowing In Movies That Are So Damn Clever But Went Over A Lot Of People's Heads

    Even with movies, you gotta read between the lines.

    1. In Batman Returns (1992), the shadow of Selina Kyle's glasses resembled cat ears, which foreshadowed that she was Catwoman.

    [Batman Returns] Tim Burton has a creative eye for visual foreshadowing. from MovieDetails
    Michelle Pfeiffer as catwoman
    Warner Bros.

    2. In Thor: Ragnarok (2017), the cracks on the Asgardian mural foreshadowed Thor later losing his eye in the battle against Hela.

    The rubble left by the Asgardian mural in Thor: Ragnarok foreshadows the injury Thor receives later. from MovieDetails
    Thor with an eye path on his right eye and holding an eyeball in his hand
    Walt Disney Motion Pictures

    3. In Coraline (2009), Coraline's Other Mother suggested they play hide-and-seek in the rain, and then lightning struck. The lightning bolt resembled the Other Mother's needle-like hands when she's in her true form and foreshadowed the end of the movie when the Other Mother tried to capture Coraline.

    In Coraline (2009) the lightning bolt that appears as Coraline's Other Mother mentions rain is in the shape of a hand, which foreshadows the climax. The hand also serves as a symbol of the Other Mother's control over the Other world. from MovieDetails
    The Other Mother and her needle-like hands trying to grab Coraline
    Focus Features

    4. In Coco (2017), the torn photo of Coco's father showed him wearing a different custom belt buckle than the one Ernesto De La Cruz wore, which foreshadowed that Ernesto was not her father.

    Noticed this subtle foreshadowing in Coco (2017), Ernesto De La Cruz has a different belt buckle than Coco's father in the torn offrenda photo. from MovieDetails

    5. In Click (2006), the root of Morty's name is "mort," meaning "death." This foreshadowed him later revealing himself to be the angel of death.

    In the Adam Sandler film Click (2006) the man who gives the main character the remote introduces himself as ‘Morty’. The Latin root word mort means “death.” This is a foreshadowing of us finding out later on in the film that Morty is really the angel of death. from MovieDetails
    Morty telling Michael that he is the angel of death
    Sony Pictures Releasing

    6. In Moana (2016), a villager said they were curious about the chicken eating the rock, which foreshadowed the chicken later trying to eat Maui (who was voiced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson).

    In Moana, a villager foreshadows the chicken's unsuccessful attempt to consume Maui. from MovieDetails

    7. In The Matrix (1999), the code of the Matrix was designed to look like rain to foreshadow the scene where Neo is debugged.

    In The Matrix, water on windows foreshadowed code from MovieDetails
    Neo looking at computers with code on them
    Warner Bros.

    8. In Ant-Man (2015), Darren Cross wore a tie with a hexagonal pattern, which foreshadowed him being the villain, Yellowjacket.

    In Ant-Man, Darren Cross's tie has a hexagonal pattern foreshadowing his real identity as Yellowjacket (the villain of the movie and a type of wasps which live in nests that have hexagonal cells). from MovieDetails
    Darren wearing a tie with hexagonal patterns and then him later in the Yellowjacket suit
    Walt Disney Studios Motion Picturs

    9. In The Princess and the Frog (2009), Prince Naveen held a tarot card that had frogs on the back corners, which foreshadowed his transformation into a frog.

    In The Princess and the Frog (2009), we see that Prince Naveen's tarot card has him laying on a lily pad, but when he shows the other side, you can see in the corners on the card there is a frog. This is another foreshadowing of him being turned into a frog. from MovieDetails
    Prince Naveen as a frog

    10. In the Back to the Future (1985) opening credits, there was a clock with the figure of actor Harold Lloyd hanging from it (which is an iconic scene from the film Safety Last!) that foreshadowed Doc hanging off the city clock toward the end of the movie.

    Back to The Future - The opening credits have a clock foreshadowing Doc hanging off the city clock from MovieDetails
    Doc standing on the clock tower
    Universal Pictures

    11. In Back to the Future Part II (1989), Doc wore a shirt that had horses and steam trains on it. This foreshadowed the end of Back to the Future Part III (1990), where Doc and Marty chase down the train in order to use it to leave the Old West and get back to 1985. In that scene, Doc also wore the same shirt as a bandana.

    In Back to the Future 2, Docs shirt design has two horses chasing a steam train, foreshadowing the events of the next film. from MovieDetails
    Doc and Marty dressed like cowboys and chasing after a train
    Universal Pictures

    12. In I Am Legend (2007), a newspaper clipping next to Neville warned about infected dogs that would come out at dusk, which foreshadowed him later being attacked by them.

    In I Am Legend, the newspaper clipping foreshadows the dpg attack later on in the movie. from MovieDetails
    Mutant dogs attacking Neville
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    13. In 21 Jump Street (2012), Jenko said the drug HFS tasted like barbecue Cool Ranch. Later, Mr. Walters, the gym teacher, is seen with a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos to foreshadow that he was the supplier of the drug.

    In 21 Jump Street (2012), after taking the drug HFS Jenko says that it tastes like Cool Ranch. Later on, they are stopped by Mr. Walters (played by Rob Riggle) who is eating a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, foreshadowing that he is the supplier of the drug HFS. from MovieDetails
    Jenko taking putting a drug tablet in his mouth and saying it tastes like barbecue cool ranch

    14. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2011), Rodrick promised his dad he would not throw a party while his parents were gone. During this, Rodrick wore a shirt that said "Sike," which foreshadowed him not keeping this promise to his dad.

    In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2011), both Greg and Rodrick made a promise to their Dad that they will not throw a party while he’s gone. Rodrick does the opposite and it is foreshadowed by his shirt; which says “SIKE”. from MovieDetails
    Rodrick throwing a party at his house
    20th Century Fox

    15. And in Scooby-Doo (2002), Emile, the owner of Spooky Island, scratched behind his ear like a dog, foreshadowing that he was actually Scrappy-Doo in disguise the whole time.

    In Scooby-Doo (2002) Emile Mondavarious scratches behind his ear like a dog, foreshadowing the reveal that he is actually... from MovieDetails
    Emile's face being pulled off to reveal it's a mask and that he's actually Scrappy-Doo
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    What's another time a movie cleverly foreshadowed what would happen? Let us know in the comments!

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