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    41 People Who Couldn't Predict In A Million Years The Grave Mistakes They Were About To Make

    Note to self: Double-check that ALL car windows are closed at the car wash.

    1. This person who had some very strong meds:

    2. This person who didn't make sure the paint was closed before driving off:

    3. This person who left the car wash with an even bigger mess to clean:

    4. This person who inadvertently gave themself a haircut:

    5. This person who locked people out of their job:

    6. This person who forgot to close their car door:

    7. This person whose waterproof case turned out to be not so waterproof:

    8. This person who will probably be picking up stray beanbag beads for months:

    9. This person who took, uh, the wrong shirt from the laundry bin:

    10. This person who left their gloves outside a tad too long:

    11. This person whose coffee definitely woke them up:

    12. This person whose mirror paid the price for their anger:

    13. This person who ruined their coffee in a moment of confusion:

    14. These kids who forgot to close the door on this winter day:

    15. This person who forgot to take their beers out of the freezer:

    16. This person who should've just stuck to what they knew:

    17. This person who generously let their sibling borrow their laptop:

    18. This person who accidentally dyed their finger to match their hair:

    19. This person who may have overreacted to seeing a bug:

    20. This person who ordered the wrong bed frame:

    21. This person who made ground cumin cookies:

    22. This person who unintentionally made hot chocolate:

    23. This person who left their measuring tape in wet cement a little too long: