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    People Are Sharing The Most Messed-Up Things Their Exes Did After The Breakup, And I'm At A Loss For Words

    "We had gotten a credit card with both our names on it. After we split up, she went to town and ran it up to the limit and never paid a dime on it."

    Recently, Reddit user u/No-Feeling865 asked "What's the most messed-up thing your ex did after a breakup?"

    Me, not able to resist some drama, took a peak at the responses, and they sent me for a ride. Take a look for yourself:

    1. "My ex said she was pregnant and sent me a positive test. I searched positive pregnancy test results on Google Images… it was the first one to pop up."


    2. "We had gotten a credit card with both our names on it. After we split up, she went to town and ran it up to the limit and never paid a dime on it. They came after me for the money. I told them we were divorced and actually got a helpful lady at the credit card company who told me if I could send a copy of the divorce decree I would only be responsible for the amount up to that day. I sent it in and my part was less than $100. I paid it, leaving my ex with about $10K to pay. I’m sure she never did."


    3. "My ex immediately started dating the woman he swore he wasn’t cheating on me with."


    4. "I was with this woman for a couple of years. We broke up and we had a shared bank account. She closed the account and took all the money while I was working one day and left me screwed."


    5. "She threw away my passport."


    6. "She added me to a group chat she made with her friends to chat crap about me."


    7. "My ex-wife cheated on me and refused to sign the divorce papers, so I had to pay an attorney thousands more to attend court. I showed up to court and the judge asked, 'Kids?' No. 'Shared property?' No. 'Bank accounts?' No significant money in them. The judge literally asked, 'Why are you here?' I pointed at her, he sighed, signed the divorce and said, 'Next case,' I spent thousand of dollars for literally two minutes of court time."


    8. "My ex said she pooped on one of my toothbrushes and put chocolate on the other."


    9. "My ex hooked up with my roommate the same night we broke up. I told them, whatever, I don't care, just go to her house and keep whatever you two do away from me. She essentially moved in the next day and didn't leave for three months until my roommate failed out of school and moved away."


    10. "I had an ex who cheated on me multiple times and was incredibly manipulative. We finally break up after eight years, and I get back out there and start hooking up with someone else, and I ended up getting her pregnant. It was her choice to keep it. My ex heard and called my mom to tell her before I decided to tell anyone in my family. It totally blindsided me when I started getting calls and texts from my parents. Anyway, the other woman ended up being the most amazing mother, friend, and partner you could ask for. We've been married for four years this summer, and our son will be 5 in the spring!"


    11. "My ex-wife tried to steal my car. When we got married, we each had our own respective cars going into the marriage. Her car was in her name, and my car was in my name. Throughout our entire relationship and marriage, neither one of us really drove the other's car. So when we got divorced, she kept her car, and I kept mine. A year or so after the divorce was final, her car got repossessed. What I didn’t know when we got divorced was that she still had a set of car keys to my car. Because auto theft was pretty rampant where I lived, years earlier I had a secret kill switch installed that my ex-wife didn’t know about. I was somewhat surprised when a coworker told me some woman was out in the parking lot in my car trying to start it. Police were called, but they didn’t arrest her because several of her brothers worked as police officers in our town. Thank god I moved away from that mess a year or so later."


    12. "I had an ex make a MySpace page about how I’m a freaking loser."


    13. "She fucked a couple of friends of mine and then fucked a guy I really don’t like. Then, during visits to the home, so I could see my children, she would play a little game where she’d allude to having fucked someone I know. Then she’d slowly add more details and then let a name slip and go 'Oops haha I shouldn’t have said that.' I just wanted to see my kids. I didn’t want to hear or even THINK about what she was doing, yet here she is saying 'Sooo I might have met someone you apparently know…and we miiight have hooked up, but it’s fine you don’t know him that well.' She was really good at playing mind games like this."


    14. "My ex emptied the apartment and took the car. They just left a camping chair, TV, and six knives and forks."


    15. "My ex told most of my class that he broke up with me because I had sex with the entire basketball team. The truth was I hadn't had sex with anyone, including him."


    16. "I was married for close to 10 years. He demanded a paternity test on the child I was pregnant with when we separated. The child was the spitting image of him at birth. Turned out, he was the one cheating and wanted to cast doubts on my fidelity so he would seem like the victim. He wouldn't even look at his child because 'I didn’t want to love him in case he wasn’t mine and then I would hate him.'"


    17. "Everything I gave her, she destroyed. Jewelry broken, clothing shredded, and a poor teddy bear? Beheaded. All of it was dumped on the lawn in front of my house."


    18. And lastly, "Literally weeks after my divorce was finalized, I was hit head-on by a DUI driver. He wandered into my lane, and even though I wasn't wearing a seatbelt, I walked away with a shattered shoulder and a cut on the forehead. The cheating ex-wife had the 'courtesy' of sending me a 'get well' card signed by the boyfriend she had been cheating on me with for years at this point. I took one look, then asked my parents to throw the card away."


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.