19 Libraries That Are Living In 3021, While We're Still Stuck Here

    Maybe it's time I get a new library card.

    1. This library cleverly stores ottomans in the walls next to the tables:

    2. This library has noise-level devices that change color to tell you how loud you're getting:

    A device on the table of library that glows different colors based on the noise level

    3. This library has a spot dedicated for phone calls to maintain the silence of the library:

    4. This library makes reading book titles on low shelves MUCH more convenient:

    5. This library has equipment that lets you work and work out at the same time:

    6. This library has some color-coded sections to help people find books they forgot the name of but remember the cover of:

    7. This library has to-go bags for books of specific genres:

    8. This library has an anonymous text service for people to make noise complaints to library employees:

    9. This library staircase tells people what floor they're on after walking up a bunch of flights:

    10. This library vending machine lets people get books before they get on a long train ride:

    11. This library directory helps people find books on sensitive topics without having to ask:

    12. This library makes sure that the silent floor is truly as silent as possible:

    13. This library gives out themed boxes of movies for people to watch:

    14. This subway library is great for people who want something to read on their commute:

    15. This library tells people how much they saved by renting books instead of buying them:

    16. This library has found a brilliant way to repurpose thrown-out books:

    17. This library also lets people rent baking supplies:

    18. This library has a section that shows the books other people have recently read:

    19. And this library has a really awesome bee exhibit in the kids section: