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    Lexi From "Cheer" Feels That She Was Edited Inaccurately In The Final Episode

    "They kind of just made it seem like when I left that I was just gonna be screwing up and everything."

    If you've seen Cheer on Netflix, then you were probably rooting for Lexi Brumback through the whole series.

    And there's a good chance you worried for her after the last episode, when she had gotten into some trouble and wasn't allowed back on the Navarro cheer team😓.

    But then you probably felt like a proud parent when you found out she is BACK at Navarro!!!

    Well, a few days ago, Lexi — along with Jerry and Gabi — was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, and spoke about how she felt about the way she was edited when she left the team.

    "It [Cheer] was accurate, for the most part. I think towards the end they kind of, like, painted me out to look like I was messing up really badly," Lexi said.

    Lexi revealed, "The rave scene that they put in the last episode actually happened months before Daytona, and they made it look like that's all that I was doing when I left."

    "They kind of just made it seem like when I left that I was just gonna be screwing up and everything, and I actually went to school, just not to Navarro," she shared.

    She later added that she even cheered for a little bit at the other school she was attending.

    She continued to say that she was a little bit frustrated with the editing because it painted raving in a negative light. She added, "I was raving the whole time I was at Navarro."

    Well, it's definitely a relief to know that Lexi was actually doing OK after leaving Navarro, but it's even better knowing that she's back and tumbling for them again!!

    Watch the full interview here.

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