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    32 Tiiiiiny Things You Never Noticed In Your Favorite Kids Movies

    And they almost got away with it.

    1. The elves behind Charlie:

    2. Miles Morales's spidey senses:

    3. Miles Morales singing the wrong lyrics:

    4. Matilda's mom's Guam comment:

    5. Thunderhead's roommate:

    6. Eddie's animation:

    7. SpongeBob's job history:

    8. Sid's cameo:

    9. The White Witch's crown:

    10. The missing person article:

    11. Ginny's pants:

    12. Weaselton and the Duke of Weselton's name mix up:

    13. Hades' half-time comment:

    14. Anastasia's reflection:

    15. Rex behind bowling pins:

    16. A remote kidnapping a man:

    17. Benny's broken helmet:

    18. The "blossoms" behind Coraline:

    19. The origin of Violet's name:

    20. Buzz Lightyear's peeling stickers:

    21. The Motunui residents' tattoos:

    22. The fingerprint on Emmet:

    23. Veruca Salt's scraped knee:

    24. The buttons on Honey Lemon's purse:

    25. This re-created Die Hard scene:

    26. Nani's surfing past:

    27. Building development:

    28. Mia's vegetarian dinner:

    29. Willy Wonka's half office:

    30. Judy's reaction to Nick's counting:

    31. Roddy's Wolverine suit:

    32. And Bruce the shark crying:

    H/T r/MovieDetails