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    16 Screenshots Of Rude And Entitled Customers Who Need To Be Banned From Instacart

    "Door is unlocked. Please come place food in the freezer and refrigerator."

    1. This customer who had ridiculously specific demands:

    customer saying a photo of freeze-by date needs to be sent as well as the crab meat needing to be put in a bag of ice and failing to do will result in a complaint and claim

    2. This customer who had an unreasonable request:

    for a bag of pretzels: the bag that has te most salt on the pretzels please"

    3. This customer who was incredibly impatient:

    customer saying they are getting pissed off waiting for their groceries and the shopper saying they have 2 orders ahead that they need to drop off first
    customer saying they could've shopped themselves but use instacart to keep people employed

    4. This customer who gave the Instacart shopper a countdown:

    customer saying the shopper has 2 minutes to arrive and starting a countdown and the shopper responding saying they don't appreciate the manner of communication so they're canceling the order

    5. This customer who was micromanaging their Instacart shopper:

    customer: when will you start shopping shopper: i just pulled into the store and will begin shopping shortly

    6. This customer who wanted an Instacart shopper to do something against their policy:

    customer asking for cigarettes and shopper saying it's against policy so customer says others have done it for her, so just go ahead and cancel the order

    7. This customer who insulted an Instacart shopper:

    customer calling the shopper a piece of shit

    8. This customer who blamed an Instacart shopper for the store being out of stock:

    shopper saying the sushi is gone and customer saying they don't know how to shop
    shopper then saying they've been shopping for 3 years and it's not their fault that the store is out of everything
    customer saying they're going to report the shopper and shopper saying the chats are encrypted so there's nothing to report as they've been refunded for items not available
    customer saying they already reported the shopper

    9. This customer who was not understanding at all:

    shopper letting the customer know that there is an accident keeping them from delivering on time and the shopper saying they expect any cold items to be the right temperature
    shopper saying all items needing ice are being kept cool and customer replying that they should tell the cops they are currently working and will stop using instacart
    shopper saying with all due respect, a bad accident happened that they witnessed and people are injured so they're not sure how the customer wants them to fix it and the customer saying another shopper should pick it up and deliver

    10. This customer who took back a $40 tip on an $800 order:

    customer saying they accidentally tipped $40 and will be asking for a reduction

    11. This customer who thought Instacart shoppers were greedy for wanting tips:

    customer mad that shoppers should get tips and shopper saying they do rely on tips

    12. This customer who took away a tip because of too much communication:

    shopper saying they are on the way to drop off and customer saying i dont need an update every 5 seconds just bring them and drop them off, there goes the rest of your tip you were going to get

    13. This customer who asked their Instacart shopper to do more than expected:

    delivery instructions read that the door will be unlocked, please come and place food in freezer and fridge

    14. This customer who didn't trust what their Instacart shopper told them:

    shopper saying they are out of the cookies requested and customer saying to refund it instead of replacing
    customer saying they called the store and were told where the cookies are and should be there and the shopper sending back a photo of the empty spot where the cookies would have been

    15. This customer who didn't understand Instacart's protocol:

    customer upset that the shopper can't leave a receipt in the bag and saying they're going to call about it

    16. And this customer who gave their Instacart shopper feedback:

    customer sending a long message about how to to choose the right mango