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    35 Super Inappropriate Logos That I Can't Believe Were Actually Approved

    A lot of these logos are...suggestive.

    1. This logo design that looks like it belongs in a sex ed textbook:

    2. This logo that looks like a hot fart:

    3. This poorly thought out design:

    4. This logo that looks like someone is caught in a machine and DYING:

    5. This medical center's disheartening logo:

    6. This interesting silhouette for a cheerleading logo:

    7. These people on a school uniform logo who could've been spaced out a bit:

    8. This design that could end up causing a fatal mistake:

    9. This logo that I can't understand how was approved by multiple people:

    10. This antidrug logo that kinda sounds pro-drugs:

    11. The logo that shouldn't have been broken into two lines:

    12. This logo that'll make anyone do a double take:

    13. This logo that you might have a stroke while trying to read:

    14. This logo that doesn't really convince you to use the plumbing company:

    15. This hypocritical logo:

    16. This logo that's, like, a bad doodle you'd find in someone's notebook:

    17. This logo that shouldn't have been the company's initials:

    18. This logo that's just bloody awful:

    19. This logo that looks like a word many parents wouldn't want their kids to say:

    20. This logo that would drive customers AWAY from the restaurant:

    21. This logo that can easily be misread:

    22. This logo that looks like it's glitching:

    23. This logo that looks like the beginning of a threesome:

    24. This logo that's fine unless the side door is open:

    25. This logo that is juuuust different enough to avoid a lawsuit:

    26. This logo that's supposed to look like a straw in a cup:

    27. This restaurant logo that you might have a stroke trying to read:

    28. This logo of two figures that looks more like one topless person:

    29. The electrical outlets on this logo looks like a 6-year-old designed them:

    30. This unintentionally kinky water brand logo:

    31. This toy company logo that is kinda crass:

    32. This logo that doubles as a warning:

    33. This logo that, well, good luck reading it:

    34. This iSmart logo that has a whole new meaning when seen upside down:

    35. And lastly, this weed dispensary logo where the joints look like literal shit: