19 Unexpected And Jarring Responses People Got That They Didn't Know How To Answer

    "Waitress said ‘wow’ after I ordered.”

    1. This "nice guy" who got owned:

    A man says he's too polite and that's why women don't want to have sex with him; a woman responds that women don't want to have sex with him because his name is Norbert

    2. This person who went out to eat:

    Waitress said “wow” after I ordered

    Twitter: @KaufmanAudrey

    3. This person who thought they’d just went on a date:

    A person who thinks they went on a lunch date with someone is surprised when they say they're going on another date, and they reply "this one is a DATE date"

    4. This person who unintentionally broke big news to their ex:

    Someone sends a text full of puns about Betty White dying, and their ex responds "please don't tell me this is how I find out Betty White's dead"

    5. This person who regretted asking her child to explain something:

    my mom has been using 💦 to describe crying and when I told her to stop it, she made me tell her why and now it’s so quiet in here.

    Twitter: @dannopotamus

    6. This person who didn't get the joke:

    A person sends a picture of them eating steak and saying "you're making a missed steak," and the other person is confused

    7. This person who forgot something very important:

    Someone says they're checking on their friend because they haven't heard from them today, then reveals it's their birthday

    8. This person who got useless advice:

    I told my sister I was going through it and she said “well go around it”

    Twitter: @itsktle

    9. This person whose story had a hilarious plot twist:

    Someone says they studied German so they could talk to an adult film actress on OnlyFans, then when they did it, the actress said "English only" and blocked them for 24 hours

    10. This person who solicited nudes:

    Someone texts hinting they want nudes, the other person asks if they know who they're talking to, they say yes Alice, and the other person says they're not Alice

    11. This person who asked a question and got a really weird answer:

    When asked their age, the person responds "takes a deep sigh and snuggles with you, whispering in your ear 34, please don't be upset"

    12. This person who would not compromise on baby names:

    I was on a dating app and a guy jokingly wrote “what should we name our first child?” as his intro message and I had to tell him that in fifth grade I lost a bet to my best friend Hannah and have to without question name my first born child Megatron and then the man unmatched me

    Twitter: @EmilyKaitlinnn

    13. This person who was messaging someone who kept bringing up the same topic:

    Someone asks what the other person's favorite food is, then for the rest of the conversation ties every response back to the fact they served in the military

    14. This person who was ratted out:

    I told my sister that if she ever wants to smoke weed that I’ll buy it for her & she can smoke w me ....... Tell me why she told my fucking mom I offered her drugs and now I’m blocked by my family AGAIN

    Twitter: @_xlysn

    15. This person who was turned off by this random joke:

    Someone asks for another person's social media handles, they give it, the person asks "on xvideos too" and gets the response "I would have been down to hook up but not anymore"

    16. This person who thought they'd been ghosted:

    OMG one of my friends has been bitching for weeks about this dude who ghosted her after several excellent dates. Turns out he died last month 🥴

    Twitter: @_TheFrontPaige

    17. This person who was trying to find employment:

    An online job application asks desired salary, the person typed in 50,000, but it gets an error message that says "answers must not be greater than 35,000"

    18. This person who had to respond to this person so they would JUST. STOP. TALKING:

    Someone says they're in art school, the other person responds "art school, more like fart school" then sends two texts afterward apologizing for the joke and saying they're drunk and high

    19. And lastly, this person whose coworker was fed up:

    One time I was moving really heavy patio furniture for a restaurant job that paid me $2.63/hr and my coworker said “fuck this,” walked away, and neither I or anyone I knew saw her again.

    Twitter: @alissamaynot