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    This Popular TikTok Group Kicked Out One Of Their Founders — Daisy Keech — And Here's What Went Down

    "It started to feel like a f—ing dictatorship."

    So if, like me, you're reaaallly into TikTok, you've probably heard of the Hype House.

    But just in case you haven't, they're an extremely popular collective of Gen Z'ers who film content for TikTok and YouTube that started in December 2019.

    Daisy Keech is an Instagram model, fitness influencer, YouTuber, and cofounder of the Hype House.

    Welp, this weekend, Daisy dropped a YouTube video titled, "Truth about the Hype House" and she had a loooot to say 🍵.

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    Most of the issues addressed in her video revolve around another Hype House cofounder, Thomas Petrou, so lemme give you the SparkNotes of it all.

    Daisy said she met Thomas while he was part of Jake Paul's content house, Team 10.

    But shortly after they met, Thomas was fired from Team 10, so Daisy hired him as her full-time photographer and editor and they became best friends.

    Eventually, Thomas started talking to Daisy about making a content house with popular creators on TikTok like Chase Hudson (aka Lil Huddy), Alex Warren, Kouvr Annon, and others.

    After they all hung out and agreed to make a content house, they found a place and paid a deposit.

    According to Daisy, she and Chase each put down $18,000 for the deposit; Thomas, Alex, and Kouvr put down around $5,000 each. (And this will come back up later.)

    Things first start to get iffy when the New York Times came to their house for an interview and Daisy said Chase and Thomas took credit for founding the Hype House.

    Daisy added that this was her first big interaction with the press and that she felt intimidated by not having a manager present to guide her and help her speak up like Chase did. Still, she expected, at the least, that Chase and Thomas would give her and the other cofounders credit too, but they took over the interview.

    According to Daisy, this became a recurring issue as Thomas and Chase continued taking credit for founding the Hype House in press interviews when she wasn't present.

    In her video, Daisy said she then got a call from her lawyer/manager that Chase was saying in articles that he put down ALL of the money for the Hype House.

    Daisy also claimed that Thomas didn't give any of the other Hype House members access to ANY of the Hype House social media or email accounts.

    She stated she and other members didn't know what brand deals were coming and if they were paid. Apparently Thomas said the house made no money, despite him purchasing things that cost thousands of dollars on multiple occasions.

    Daisy also alleged that Thomas would do things in the house without asking her permission even though she'd be legally liable as a lease holder.

    She recalled coming home to the Hype House one day and seeing a huge music video production going on that she was unaware of. She found her room filled with people and clothing racks. When she brought it up to Thomas, he claimed that he put it in their group text, but she said he never told her a specific day that it would happen.

    Eventually, she felt that Thomas was cutting her out of the Hype House and when her lawyer reached out to him about adding structure within the group, Thomas allegedly said, "I'm just more of a businessman, and like, girls like Daisy, she's just another hot Instagram model with a shelf life."

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    Feeling like she was going to be cut out, Daisy wanted to claim her share in the company and filed for the Hype House trademark.

    When she confronted Thomas about her percentages, Daisy said that he told her the $18,000 she put down for the house was just so a bunch of friends could live together and had nothing to do with the Hype House as a business.

    Daisy stressed that she only met these people a week before they moved in. They all put down a huge sum of money so they could have a big enough house with enough rooms and space for everyone to make content. She added, "We went into this knowing we were going to be in business together."

    After that, Daisy said Thomas unfollowed her on all social media and had the other Hype House members unfollow and block her to make it look like she was no longer part of the group.

    The video ended with Daisy actually thanking Thomas for teaching her to stand up for herself and for everything she learned about how to handle yourself in business.

    Lastly, according to Forbes, Daisy is suing Thomas and Chase for striking deals without her, claiming to be the only founders, and exiling her from the Hype House.

    So there! You're now all caught up with the drama of today's TikToking youths and I'm sure this won't be the last of it, so until then, byeeee👋.

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