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    I'm Super Impressed By These 21 Genius Hotel Amenities (And Low-Key Mad Most Hotels Don't Have Them Yet)

    A hotel bathroom mirror that has a built-in Bluetooth speaker...genius!

    1. This hotel shower has a foot rest to make it easier to shave.

    2. This hotel has a Bluetooth speaker built into the mirror.

    3. This hotel's bath fills up from the ceiling.

    4. This phone from a hotel room in Iceland has a button to wake you up if there are Northern Lights in the sky.

    5. This hotel's vending machine offers contraception.

    6. This hotel's shower tells guests the temperature of the water.

    7. This hotel has a fridge in the bathroom for beers:

    8. This hotel has a white noise machine in the rooms so guests can sleep peacefully.

    9. This hotel lets you choose your book of worship instead of just leaving a Bible in the drawer.

    10. This hotel room has a labeled light switch so you don't have to play those guessing games.

    11. This hotel room mirror is on hinges so guests can adjust it depending on the lighting:

    12. This hotel bathroom has a heated part of the mirror so it won't fog when people come out of the shower.

    13. This hotel in Hong Kong gives guests a local phone to use in the city that also doubles as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

    14. This hotel's bathroom handle bar has a built-in hand sanitizer dispenser at the bottom.

    15. The curtains in these hotel rooms are designed so you can close them completely without any bit of sunlight shining between them and waking you up.

    16. These hotel room numbers are written in shadows:

    17. This hotel has specific towels for makeup removal so guests will avoid staining the white towels:

    18. This hotel has a robot that delivers water and supplies right to people's doors.

    19. This hotel's alarm clock displays the time on the front and sides so people can see the time from anywhere in the room.

    20. This hotel has an evacuation plan on the floor so people can see it if the halls are filled with smoke.

    21. And lastly, this hotel tells guests which languages each employee speaks:

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting