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What PG Moment From A TV Show Is Way Hotter Than Any Actual Sex Scene?

Sometimes the tension is just hotter than the sex.

Now I love a lil' spicy sex scene in a TV show, but honestly, a lot of times there are scenes in TV shows that are WAAAY sexier than an actual sex scene.


The most recent example that comes to mind is when Anthony played that flirty, little joke with Kate in the last episode of Bridgerton.


And I often think about that scene in How to Get Away with Murder when Connor went to Oliver's home unannounced and all sweaty after coming back from a run 🥴.


AND how could I forget that moment from Scandal when Fitz and Olivia just stood closely in the hallway, just gazing at each other's faces??? The tension...whew!


Anyway, now I'd like to hear your suggestions. What's a moment from a TV show that you think was way hotter than a sex scene? You could be featured in a BuzzFeed post or video.