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17 Popular Disney Channel Characters That People Actually Consider To Be Terrible

From London Tipton to Miley Stewart, nobody is safe.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community which popular Disney Channel characters are actually the worst. Here are their quite shocking responses:

1. Miranda Sanchez from Lizzie McGuire

Disney Channel

"She was more selfish than her two best friends, far more critical, and while honesty is a good thing, she went the extra mile to put Lizzie and Gordo down whenever she could."


2. Raven Baxter from That's So Raven

Disney Channel

"While most Disney Channel shows revolve around characters getting themselves into easily avoidable misunderstandings, it seemed like Raven was especially guilty of it. She would get a vision and then immediately try some ridiculous scheme, ruining her friends' and family's lives."


3. Mitchie Torres from Camp Rock

Disney Channel

"She lied to everyone because she was embarrassed of her amazing, hardworking mother and then had the audacity to criticize Shane’s behavior while manipulating everyone."


4. Riley Matthews from Girl Meets World

Disney Channel

"She was like the worst kid Corey and Topanga could have gotten. She was just so damn annoying. They should have continued the Boy Meets World franchise with Auggie instead. He was the better Matthews child."


5. Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place

Disney Channel

"She always seemed really annoying to me. She acted bratty and entitled, always looked for the easy way out, didn’t accept her responsibilities, and belittled people for fun."


6. Troy Bolton from High School Musical

Disney Channel

"Everything in his life was handed to him and he was very willing to cut off his friends in order to get ahead."


7. Maddie Fitzpatrick from The Suite on Deck

Disney Channel

"With the way her character is written, it sent the message that if you’re smart, you can belittle the people around you and everyone will think it’s hilarious. I just hated how the show used her teasing as a crutch for humor."


8. London Tipton from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Disney Channel

"She was so spoiled and selfish and she only ever cared about shopping and how she looked. The only time she ever helped anyone is when Mr. Moseby forced her too. Also that stupid "Yay me!" bit was really annoying as well. She was honestly too much for me."


9. Galleria Garibaldi from The Cheetah Girls

Disney Channel

"She was such a diva and it was her way or not at all. All the other characters had rough home lives but maintained strong character. Meanwhile, Galleria complained about not having the right shoes and right makeup."


10. Bailey Marie Pickett from The Suite Life on Deck

Disney Channel

"She was annoying and thought she was better than everyone else. She also did not appreciate Cody enough and always seemed disinterested in him while he was head over heels for her."


11. Teddy Duncan from Good Luck Charlie

Disney Channel

"I just found her annoying."


12. Linda Flynn-Fletcher from Phineas and Ferb

Disney Channel

"Like yeah, Candace was a snitch for no reason, but it irritated me to no end how little faith the mom had in her. She would never listen and then take her time getting home, like, ugh."


13. Mahree Bok from The Color of Friendship

Disney Channel

"She was so annoying and stubborn! She ended up coming around but she was such a good example of how lack of exposure can be detrimental to society."


14. Miley Stewart from Hannah Montana

Disney Channel

"Not only was her disguise the LAZIEST attempt to hide her real identity, she whined and complained about everything. She thought she was soooo funny when she was, in fact, being kind of a dick. She really didn’t have anything to be ungrateful for, but she was anyway."


15. Gabriella Montez from High School Musical

Disney Channel

"She got on my last nerve! She was so whiny and indecisive and she was always playing games with Troy. Sis needed to go."


16. Cody Martin from The Suite Life On Deck

Disney Channel

"He became an obnoxious know-it-all who was always boasting about his relationship with Bailey. His character pretty much revolved around Bailey or proving he was the smartest person on the cruise to the annoyance of everyone, including their teacher."


17. And lastly, Shane Gray from Camp Rock

Disney Channel

"His character was just so stuck-up. I was so mad when Shane got all hurt just because it turned out Mitchie was lying and couldn’t actually relate to him on a fame level. He just decided to be an ass toward her. Mitchie deserved sooo much better."


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Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.