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    Y'all, These Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of The "Gossip Girl" Reboot Cast Are So Darn Wholesome

    Spotted: Whitney Peak planting a kiss on Emily Alyn Lind's cheek.

    The first episode of the Gossip Girl reboot started streaming on HBO Max last Thursday, and I'm already obsessed with the show and can't wait to watch more.

    The characters of "Gossip Girl" hanging out in the school courtyard
    HBO Max

    One of my favorite things about the show is its characters and how the cast plays them. Soooo, I've done some sleuthing on their Instagrams and found some great BTS gems any fan will enjoy:

    1. This great slide of photos from their first week of filming:

    2. Some more slides of the cast and crew on set:

    3. Here are several wholesome photo dumps of the cast bonding at the Grateful Woods retreat:

    4. These precious photos of Jordan showing some love to her castmates:

    5. Thomas's BTS photos from on set:

    6. This sweet post by Jordan wishing Karena Evans, one of the Gossip Girl directors, a happy birthday:

    7. This shot of Eli and Thomas cracking up next to Jeremy O. Harris, who co-wrote and will make an appearance on the show:

    8. This hazy photo of Savannah and Emily celebrating Emily's birthday:

    9. And here are some more photos from Emily's birthday bash:

    10. This mirror selfie of Whitney and Savannah serving FACE:

    11. Just another photo dump of the cast proving their bond offscreen is much better than their characters' bond onscreen:

    12. This behind-the-scenes selfie of a photo shoot for Dazed:

    13. The Gossip Girl guys goofing off with fashion and celebrity stylist Donté McGuine.

    14. This great snap of what looks like a night to remember:

    15. This heartwarming photo of Johnathan Fernandez and Whitney Peak at the GG premiere:

    16. This cute little moment captured between Thomas and Eli:

    17. This blurry photo of Emily with Whitney's lipstick print on her cheek:

    18. This shot of Emily, Eli, and Thomas spreading peace in front of a NYC skyline:

    19. And lastly, here's Jordan, Whitney, and Emily looking STUNNING while enjoying some food on the set of a photo shoot:

    Anyway, you should watch the new Gossip Girl if you haven't already! New episodes stream Thursdays on HBO Max. XOXO.

    Correction: Johnathan Fernandez's name was misspelled in an earlier version of this post.

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