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    11 Pretty Cool Hotel Designs, And 11 Kinda Frustrating Ones

    They can't all be winners.

    1. This shower tells guests the temperature of the water.

    u/Losritenour / Via

    2. Meanwhile, people can't even reach the toilet paper in this bathroom.

    u/diosmioman / Via

    3. This robot delivers water and supplies right to people's door.

    u/yoshgood / Via

    4. But people probably shouldn't rush outside their door if they're staying at this hotel.

    u/DisturbingArmadillo / Via

    5. This hotel bathroom has a heated part of the mirror so it won't fog when people come out of the shower.

    u/mdengler10 / Via

    6. However, in this bathroom, you may have to look at the vent twice to figure out why it's not working.

    u/deleted / Via

    7. This hotel has a fridge in the bathroom for shower beers.

    u/CerebralSlurry / Via

    8. Meanwhile, people probably won't even try to take baths in this tub that's built below floor level.

    9. This hotel's bathroom handle bar has a built-in hand sanitizer dispenser at the bottom.

    u/ntdo1889 / Via

    10. On the other hand, cleaning your hands at this bathroom will be a bit difficult.

    11. This hotel has a white noise machine in the rooms so that guests can sleep peacefully.

    u/sublimeman40 / Via

    12. Meanwhile, guests at this hotel have to be very careful when they wake up in the morning.

    u/dosnos / Via

    13. This hotel's alarm clock displays the time on the front and sides so people can see the time from anywhere in the room.

    14. Meanwhile, people probably don't want to look at these curtains from anywhere in the room.

    u/DoubleDuke101 / Via

    15. This hotel bathroom door can close off either the whole bathroom or just the toilet.

    u/Jave85 / Via

    16. Meanwhile, at this hotel you don't get much privacy in the bathroom at all.

    u/username9-59 / Via

    17. This hotel has a bluetooth speaker built into the mirror.

    u/Limerific / Via

    18. But this hotel bathroom is against mirrors altogether.

    u/asapave / Via

    19. This hotel has an evacuation plan on the floor so that people can see it if the halls are filled with smoke.

    u/cawclot / Via

    20. On the other hand, it may be hard for people to even find their room from these signs.

    u/phoenix772 / Via

    21. This hotel in Hong Kong gives guests a local phone to use in the city that also doubles as a wifi hotspot.

    u/FightOnForUsc / Via

    22. Meanwhile, this hotel gives people a not-so-great window to look out of.

    u/Zucc_book / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting and r/CrappyDesign


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