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Updated on Oct 6, 2020. Posted on Oct 19, 2019

Wanna Know Which "Glee" Character You Are? Then Spend A Day As A New Directions Member

Everyone is a gleek.

  1. The New Directions are choosing their Sectionals setlist. Which song do you vote for?

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  2. This week you have to do a duet. Who do you choose as your partner?

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  3. The New Directions want to pull a prank on Vocal Adrenaline. What's your idea?

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  4. There's a talented new student interested in Glee Club. What do you do?

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  5. Your fellow Glee Club member is pretending her boyfriend is the father of her unborn child when he's not. What do you do?

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  6. You're in a Glee Club meeting and Mr. Schue starts to rap "Hotline Bling." What do you do?

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