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    18 Photos That Prove Half The World Is Living In The Year 3022, While The Rest Of Us Are Stuck Here In 2022

    Putting a small patch of grass in an airport so dogs can do their "business" is kinda brilliant.

    1. This library has a library of tools and household items that you could borrow:

    Lockers with items to check out

    2. This bathroom has splash guards to protect your shoes at the bottom of every urinal:

    3. This bar has a chilled strip on the counter to keep your drinks cold:

    4. This bar has an aquarium in the counter:

    5. This bathroom has hand sanitizer built in at the bottom of the door handle so you can sanitize your hands after touching it to leave:

    6. This restroom has lights on the stall to tell you if it's occupied or not:

    7. This airport has a little patch of grass next to doggie bags and a trash can so that dogs can do their "business" without making a mess on the floor:

    The fake grass spot also has a fire hydrant

    8. This bathroom is free for children only and has a little cutout so they can walk in without paying:

    9. This pub has a designated area for puking and handlebars to hold onto while doing so:

    The puking area is a round bin in the middle with handlebars on the side

    10. This chair seat has storage for your belongings:

    When the seat is lifted a v-shaped compartment appears

    11. This bar has a breathalyzer by the exit to make sure you're 100% OK to drive:

    12. This restaurant has a device with buttons so you can request the server, ask for the bill, or tell them that your table is done eating:

    13. This library has a window that gives you a cool view of the creek:

    The circular window shows a fish swimming by

    14. This bathroom has a quote on the wall that's written backward so that you can only read it while looking in the mirror:

    The quote is: By looking at a problem from a different perspective, sometimes the solution becomes clear

    15. This library was moved into an old grocery store, and kept the old aesthetic:

    The books are set on shelves inside what used to be frozen section freezers

    16. This hotel jacuzzi fills up the tub from the ceiling:

    17. This hotel shower door has a cutout so you can turn it on before getting in the shower:

    18. And lastly, this train has seats that face the windows so you can admire the nature:

    The train passes through trees as passengers look on