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    19 Gay Tweets That'll Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

    "Being gay isn’t all about homosexuality okay?? There is a large percentage that is taking care of pets and then also depression."


    no gay has all 9: 1. hot body 2. bugatti 3. maserati 4. lamborghini 5. is sipping martinis 6. looks hot in a bikini 7. lives fancy 8. big mansion 9. party in france


    no one: gays with one dangly earring: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | †



    Gays flex Calvin Klein underwear as if they didn’t buy the three pack from Marshall’s or Tj Maxx for $20


    You twinks are always worries about “streams” this and “collabs” that. How about you investigate your STREAM of failed relationships?? How about you COLLAB with the bus driver to get to work on time??


    being gay isn’t all about homosexuality okay?? there is a large percentage that is taking care of pets and then also depression


    why do straight couples always look like this


    RuPaul, every week, every season: Comes into the workroom to tell the queens the challenge The Queens, every week, every season: Oh my god! RuPaul? The one and only? In OUR werkroom??!! RuPaul: Hello, Hello, Hello Queens:


    no gay has all ten: - the chanel boots - unpublished harry potter manuscript - sandwich with $8 worth of jarlsberg - cerulean sweater - onion bagel - florals for spring - girded loins - a cube of cheese - 10 or 15 skirts from calvin klein - the “book”


    My Dad was raised in a conservative Catholic household but has really made strides since having kids to be open minded and has even recently become LGBTQ activist because of my sister, she’s not gay but she dyed her hair blue recently and he doesn’t know the difference


    gays learned how to drive through playing this game


    why do gay people walk so quickly everywhere like where are we in a rush to go.... hell????


    No one: Instagay who ran out of caption ideas for a shirtless selfie:


    My barber just asked me “what’s your team?” and I replied “Gay” and he replied “football?” to which I replied “Oh no thank you” and now neither of us knows where to go with this mess of a convo. So now we are just sitting in silence.


    there wasn’t a single gay guy involved in the gatekeeping process on this product launch huh


    If your feminism doesn’t include gays without Airpods then it isn’t intersectional


    jordan peele's “Us” would never work with gays because they would just start dating their doppelgänger


    Me, in high school, explaining to my parents how I was being bullied without admitting in the process that I was gay


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