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25 Examples Of Drunk People Being The Best Texters

"I called a taxi to take me home." "Dude, the party was at your house."

1. They're open books to their parents.

Drunk texted my mom again.......... 🤦🏻‍♀️

2. They have unmatched energy.

3. They're not afraid to say how they really feel.

4. They're emotionally vulnerable.

5. They check up on the people they care about.

Drunk texts from Derrick never fail

6. They are ~poetic~.

7. They'll talk to their parents the same way they would their friends.

Starting the new year off right #drunktext #sorrymom

8. They answer their own questions.

Last night I was so drunk I replied to my own text

9. They're suuuper festive.

drunk texted my mom this last night (I guess?) and this was not a response I would expect to get

10. They'll let you know when they've found a ride home.

11. They're jokesters.

12. They share their epiphanies.

13. They put their hearts on the line.

I was drunk last night and texted my ex he replied with this LMAOOOO MAN 😩

14. They have amazing hacks.

15. They send photos spontaneously.

16. They like to play games.

Mom’s drunk with the dogs again...

17. They're not afraid to ask for help.

So my dad texted me that he was drunk and couldn't find his phone... what

18. They stay up-to-date with the lives of their loved ones.

My mom is drunk.. This is annoying af.😒

19. They're random as hell.

20. They share their amazing ideas.

21. They have ~fun~ party ideas.

I have no recollection of this but apparently I drunk texted my mom, best friend, and stepfather last night to say we need to watch Titanic

22. They keep tabs on their pets.

23. They let their exes know that they're still thinking about them.

Surely my pal didn't drunk text her ex this? If this isn't the fear I don't know what is 🙃

24. They're not afraid to ask questions.

25. And they send the BEST birthday messages.

What happens when I drunk text my dad