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    18 Commercials No Millennial Will Ever, Ever Be Able To Forget

    Let's take a trip down memory lane.

    1. We've come such a long way since the very simple, very popular, very 2000s iPod silhouette commercials.


    Remember when we listened to music on iPods?

    2. It seemed like every month there was a new Kidz Bop album coming out.

    Kidz Bop LLC

    Who had better covers, the cast of Glee or Kidz Bop?

    3. And every week there was a new Now That's What I Call Music CD.

    Sony Music Entertainment/Universal Music Group

    We had Kidz Bop. Our parents had Now! CDs.

    4. The ~suggestive~ Shake Weight commercial, uh, shook things up every time it aired.

    Fitness IQ

    You just can't unsee it.

    5. You knew when the Education Connection commercial started that you were about to hear a BOP! This girl was an icon tbh.

    Education Connection

    Why don't we have a full three-minute release of this song yet?

    6. And there were always the J.G. Wentworth opera sing-alongs for those with a ~finer~ taste in music.

    J.G. Wentworth


    7. Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

    Cellino & Barnes

    Just so you know, Cellino sued Barnes in 2017, and then Barnes asked for a restraining order against Cellino.

    8. Apparently what we needed most in the early '00s was the Shirley Temple box set from the 1930s.

    Fox Home Entertainment

    Please, someone tell me who the demographic for these commercials was.

    9. Who could ever forget the confusing, controversial, and borderline TV-MA-rated commercials?

    GoDaddy Inc.

    To this day, I don't know what services this company actually provided.

    10. The campy Zoo Pals commercials made us want them not for their intended purpose, but because the plates were animals and life was simpler back then.

    Reynolds Consumer Products, Inc

    These were for the kids who were too high-maintenance to have their foods touch each other.

    11. Huntington Learning Center commercials made you think that bad grades were the cause of broken homes.

    Huntington Mark, LLC

    You could've told me this was a scene from Degrassi and I would've believe you.

    12. The unintentionally funny Above the Influence commercials taught us that the side effects of marijuana included deflation.

    Office of National Drug Control Policy

    She just needs some helium.

    13. The "How Many Licks?" commercials made us count our licks every time we enjoyed a Tootsie Pop.

    Tootsie Roll Inc.

    If you ate Tootsie Rolls, you could've avoided this dilemma.

    14. It's admirable that the guys always had such positive attitudes that they could SING about their financial struggles.

    2019, Inc.

    Thousands of dollars in debt but make it catchy.

    15. The Uncle Majic, The Hip Hop Magician, commercials were memorable mostly because you had to adjust the volume on the TV every time they came on.

    Sprinkle of Jesus Corp Company


    16. The serves from the Bumpits commercials were a major part of fashion and style history.

    Big Happy Hair

    This had so much impact, especially among the Jersey Shore cast.

    17. The commercials for The Ultimate Love Songs Collection made you wake up in a daze at 3 a.m. because you'd left the TV on.

    View this video on YouTube

    Time Life/Direct Holdings Worldwide, LLC / Via

    Okay, the commercials may have been annoying, but whoever curated the album playlist had taste.

    18. And lastly, no one could forget the enthusiastic salesman from the ShamWow commercials.


    His haircut alone shows what decade this was.

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