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14 Famous People Who Were Teenagers When They Got Married To Controversially Older People

Demi Moore was only 17 when she married Freddy Moore who was around 28 or 29.

1. Kim Kardashian was 19 when she eloped with 30-year-old Damon Thomas, a music producer.

Kim Kardashian in a patterned dress; Person in a suit with a red pocket square

2. Olivia Wilde was 19 when she and 27-year-old Tao Ruspoli got married.

Two individuals smiling and posing together, one in a black shirt and the other in a fringed gold dress

3. Uma Thurman was 19 when she and 31-year-old Gary Oldman married each other.

Uma Thurman in a white dress with a black jacket, and Andrew McCarthy in a black suit and white shirt

4. Cher was 18 when she married Sonny Bono, her first husband, who was 29.

Two people wearing matching blue turtlenecks with scarves under a textured backdrop

5. Demi Moore was only 17 when she married Freddy Moore who was around 28 or 29.

Two individuals posing for a photo, one with glasses and a striped top, the other with sunglasses atop their head

6. Melanie Griffith was 18 when she married Don Johnson who was 26.

Two people sitting casually, smiling, with one's arm around the other. They wear vintage style casual clothing

7. Shirley Temple was 17 when she married John Agar who was in his early 20s.

Man in military uniform beside a woman in a tiara and white dress holding flowers. They are both glancing to their left

8. Drew Barrymore was 19 when she married 31-year-old Jeremy Thomas.

Two people smiling at the camera, one wearing a black shirt and the other a purple top

9. Bo Derek was 19 and John Derek was 49 when they got married.

Man and woman walking side by side; man in glasses and casual attire, woman in striped sweater and blue boots with pink hat

10. Marilyn Monroe and James Dougherty were 16 and 21, respectively, when they tied the knot.

Bride in a long gown and groom in a tuxedo standing together, smiling at their wedding

11. Elizabeth Taylor was 18 when she married Conrad Hilton Jr. who was 24.

Newlywed couple, bride in a gown with a voluminous veil, groom in a tuxedo, smiling as they walk hand in hand

12. Milla Jovovich was 16 and Shawn Andrews was 21 when they got hitched.

Two separate images: The first is of a woman wearing a sleeveless black v-neck dress posing with her hand on her head. The second is of a man in a layered outfit with a beanie

13. Courtney Stodden was 16 when they got married to 51-year-old Doug Hutchinson.

Two people on red carpet, man in black shirt and jacket, woman in white outfit and holding a gold clutch

14. And finally, Taran Noah Smith from Home Improvement was 17 when he got married to 32-year-old Heidi van Pelt.

Two people posing; one in a blue sequined dress with an oversized bow, the other in a red checkered suit jacket