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    41 Shocking "Extreme Cheapskates" Moments I Still Can't Believe Actually Happened

    A BYOF (bring your own food) wedding was unheard of...until today.

    ICYDK, Extreme Cheapskates was a show that profiled people who were incredibly financially cautious and went to unimaginable lengths just to save a few dollars. Here are moments from the show that have left me in awe:

    1. First up, the woman who went to the homes of people in mourning so she could take the deceased's vintage clothes for free.

    A woman walking up to house and when a man opens the door she asks for hid dead mom's clothes

    2. The man who refused to pay for laundry and instead asked people at the laundromat if he could add HIS laundry to THEIRS.

    A man asking strangers at the laundromat if he can add his laundry to theirs

    3. The man who cooked eggs on his car engine.

    A man cooking eggs on his car engine

    4. The flight attendant who took used pillowcases home after each flight to repurpose as coffee filters.

    A woman cutting pillowcases into triangles and then putting them in her coffee filter

    5. The guy who forced his family to bathe with just hand sanitizer and water from the park to avoid paying a water bill.

    A man filling up big water bottles with water at a park faucet

    6. The mechanic who lived in a garage, showered in a bucket, and then used the bathwater to clean cars.

    A man using a bucket of his bathwater to wash a car with socks

    7. The woman who melted snow to use as water so they wouldn't run up the water bill.

    A woman placing buckets of snow on top of a heating vent in her house

    8. The dude who reused mouthwash to save money.

    A man spitting mouthwash back into a bottle

    9. The couple who had a BYOB wedding.

    Wedding guests walking in to a wedding with their own plates of food

    10. This woman who deserved an honorary dental surgery degree.

    A woman describing how she takes a chisel and a hammer to take her own teeth out when she has a cavity

    11. The woman who made some ~scrumptious~ roadkill for dinner.

    A family taking roadkill and preparing it for dinner

    12. This man who put a timer on his fridge so his family couldn't have the door open too long and run up the electricity bill.

    A child opening the fridge and the timer counting down from 24

    13. The guy who sun-dried his tissues so he could reuse them.

    A man sun drying his used tissues so he can use them again

    14. This king who killed two birds with one stone.

    A man fully dressed in the shower, soaping up his body and clothes

    15. This family who washed their dishes in the inflatable kiddie pool.

    Kids playing in a blow up kiddie pool and then their family washing dishes in there

    16. The woman who baked some good old-fashioned dashboard cookies.

    A woman putting raw cookies on the dashboard of her car to bake them

    17. This kween who put her lungs to work.

    A woman blowing up her air mattress with her mouth

    18. And also used mint leaves to keep her pearly whites clean.

    19. And they also got inventive when they needed a new showerhead.

    A shower head with a plastic bottle rigged to it and holes punched in the bottom of the bottom

    20. This man who made a DIY bed on a budget.

    A man using styrofoam, bubble wrap, and tablecloth to make a bed

    21. This legend who stole (and returned) Christmas.

    A woman stealing from her family, wrapping the items, and presenting them as Christmas gifts

    22. The woman who poured spilled alcohol into shot glasses for her friends.

    A woman pouring spilt liquor from a bar spill mat into shot glasses and serving them to her friends

    23. The guy who literally believed that one man's trash is another man's treasure.

    A man fishing through the garbage at a movie theatre for snacks to eat during the movie

    24. The millionaire (I'm dead serious) who served people cat food instead of tuna, because, ya know, tuna was too pricey for her.

    A woman feeding her ex-husband cat food instead of tuna because it's 30 cent cheaper

    25. The woman who didn't believe in buying toilet paper.

    A woman using soap to wipe after pooping instead of toilet paper

    26. The guy who took his family of six to a buffet, only got three plates, and paid the bill with a bag of spare change.

    A man paying for a buffet with coins

    27. The dude who warmed up food in his hot tub.

    A man putting a bowl of soup in a hot tub water to warm it up

    28. The woman who worked out at a sporting goods store instead of a gym.

    A woman working out in the equipment center of a sports shop

    29. And the woman who held her whole life together with hair ties.

    A woman using hair ties and tape to keep her car's front bumper on and to keep a face mirror tied to the sideview mirror

    30. The woman who did house chores at night to lower the electric bill.

    A woman doing chores at night

    31. The couple who shared the same string of floss.

    A couple sharing the same strand of floss

    32. The lady who repurposed her hair as floss.

    A woman using a strand of her hair to floss

    33. The woman who peed in a jar instead of a toilet to lower her water bill.

    A woman sniffing a bottle of her pee

    34. The woman who stuffed couch cushions with shaved hair.

    A woman taking hair from the floor of a barber shop to stuff couch cushions

    35. The guy who was collecting rainwater to shower in.

    A man setting up water bottles in his backyard to catch rain and funneled through a tube into his bathroom

    36. The man who raided the fridge at work for his coworkers' leftovers to bring home as dinner.

    A man raiding his fridge at work for leftovers

    37. The fashionista who wore all her clothes on a flight to avoid checking in luggage.

    A woman wearing multiple clothes over each other to avoid checking luggage at the airport

    38. The woman who hid in the park to watch yoga classes instead of paying for them.

    A woman watching a yoga class from afar and mimicking what they're doing

    39. And that same woman washed her clothes in her pool.

    A woman dumping dirty laundry into her swimming pool to clean them

    40. The woman who poured leftover sauces back in the bottle🤢.

    A woman scooping dressing from plate back into the ranch bottle

    41. And finally, the man who slathered himself in cornstarch to keep cool instead of getting AC.

    A man slathering cornstarch all over his body