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    18 Exes Who Are Never — And I Can't Stress This Enough — Ever Getting Back Together

    Keep the past in the past.

    1. This ex who wasn't missed at all:

    when your ex texts you trying to get that old thing back:

    2. This ex is who made it clear they moved on:

    A text message saying, "How are you" and a reply that says, "We're good" attached with  a selfie of the other person cuddling with someone else.

    3. This ex who — uh — rewrote history:

    I saw my ex in the mall w his new girl . We spoke to one another . As I’m walking away , I hear her ask him who I was . He said I was his auntie................

    4. This ex who claimed not to hate their former S.O.:

    5. This ex who did not get the response they expected:


    6. This ex who had an epic comeback:

    7. This ex who had the audacity:

    It’s really a special kind of breed exes are

    A text message transcript of someone telling their ex they won't propose to their current girlfriend if there's a chance they can get back together and a reply that says, "I'm sorry what?"

    9. These middle school exes who had a dramatic split:

    nobody: 11 yr old relationships:

    Twitter: @curledbitch
    A text message saying, "I heard you went to the park with Natalie. Why would you cheat on me joey? I gave you two chances and I actually believed you when you said you love me, but I guess not."
    A text message saying, "Screw you Joey, ding ding ding oh what was that oh yeah the elevator cause you're not on my level, I wont this fight, we're over for real this time"

    10. This ex who was enjoying single life:

    My ex: wyd? Me: everything you accused me of.. this shit lit 😂

    11. This ex who continued to play the blame game:

    My ex cheated a few times and when I found out and left he text my friend who of course hated us together “I hope you’re happy now, see what your negativity has done” LOOOOOOOOOOOL IMAGINE

    12. This ex who was desperate for an excuse to reach out:

    dudes will look for any reason to talk to you when they see you doing good without them. my ex just texted me "happy new year" it's february 4th

    13. This ex who sent this GIF as a parting message:

    One time my ex was really mad at me after we broke things off & he sent me this & never talked to me again

    14. This ex who wanted to be left the hell alone:

    15. This ex whose mom left a not-so-nice message on Facebook:

    my ex posted a pic of him & his newest fling on facebook, & the caption was “ain’t she pretty” & my mom’s petty ass commented “no not really” 😂😭😂😭😂😩

    16. This ex who didn't believe that you have to forgive to forget:

    My ex came up to me in the bar last night and said “you can’t say hi?” And I said “I don’t even know who you are” and that is literally my mood all 2019

    17. This ex who sent a drunk text:

    I was drunk last night and texted my ex he replied with this LMAOOOO MAN 😩

    18. And this ex who sent this legendary response:

    A text message saying, "When am I gonna see you?" and a reply saying, "When I post a picture on Instagram"