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    15 Embarrassing Screenshots Of Siblings Exhibiting The Most Entitled Behavior

    "Were you thinking of paying me?" "Lol nope."

    1. This sister who didn't pay her sibling for babysitting after saying she would:

    sister blocks brother after he asked for his babysitting payment and showed her screenshots of her message saying she would pay him for it

    2. This sister who shared her sibling's Netflix password with many, MANY people:

    sister saying she can't believe she got logged out of netflix when it shouldn't matter how many people are logged in

    3. This brother who didn't have a job and asked their sibling to order them pizza:

    sibling one: 1 large pepperoni sibling two; i'm short on my paycheck but i'll get it for you sibling one: asks for a ton more toppings sibling two: you cant one topping

    4. This sister who asked their sibling to watch their kid AND to pick them up:

    sibling asking for kid to be picked up because she needs to go to work but says she can't drive to drop the kid off because they don't' have snow tires

    5. This sister who messed around with their sibling's very expensive camera equipment without asking:

    sibling going off because their sibling went into their room without permission and messed with expensive equipment
    sibling says if the other continues to do borrow stuff and bring in their dad into their fights then she will. no longer do any favors or lend possessions
    sibling two becoming entitled and saying dad was brought in because the sibling didn't want to cooperate in lending her things in the first place

    6. This sister who wanted their siblings to pay thousands of dollars so their kid could swim in their dead father's pool:

    sibling one wanting the estate to pay for use and maintenance of the pool and sibling two saying she minds the money being spent that way on something they don't use

    7. This sister who wanted their sibling to assist them on a paid job but wasn't going to pay them:

    sibling one asking sibling two for help filming a video for tiktok for a makeup client
    sibling one insisting that they need sibling two to film and edit for them and saying they're getting paid $750. sibling two asks were you thinking of paying me, and sibling one says no

    8. This sister who wanted to visit their sibling, but didn't want to pay for a ticket:

    sibling one asking sibling 2 to pay 32 pounds for their flight change to stay longer for christmas and sibling 2 asking so i have to pay to see you

    9. This sister who was mad she couldn't get access to their sibling's apartment gym:

    sibling one: i'm coming over to use the gym sibling 2: i dont have the fob my roommates borrowing it because she never got one sibling 1: that's not our fucking problem tell her to hurry up

    10. This brother who rudely demanded their sibling build their desk:

    sibling 1: build me a desk sibling 2: you couldn't afford it sibling one: not buying it you can build me it no one would buy your shit ass wooden trash

    11. This brother who refused to get his own Netflix account for his kids:

    siblings 1 asking if the netflix got shut off and then asks for the netflix to be paid for
    sibling one insisting they bring back netflix and they'll give the money for it every month but sibling two says no
    sibling one says sibling two has two options to bring back netflix no questions asked or leave netflix off and say they dont care about niece or nephew and sibling two goes with the last option

    12. This brother who expected their sibling to take them to the airport last minute:

    sibling one asking for a ride to the airport and sibling two saying he wont have enough time before work
    sibling one getting mad that they don't have time for family and then asks if the sibling can pay for it instead sibling 2 says no and not to blame them for their poor planning
    sibling two offers 10 pounds towards an uber and sibling one gets upset and asks if thats the price for family

    13. This brother who tried to lend his sibling's expensive golf clubs to his friend:

    sibling one asking to borrow a set of golf clubs for his friend and saying that the old set the sibling has isn't good enough for the friend
    sibling one then asking if they can use the new set of clubs and silbing two saying no they're in the car and the friend should go and buy his own clubs
    sibling 1 saying the friend will borrow the old clubs now and sibling 2 saying the offer is off the table because he was being so picky before

    14. This sister who was somehow mad that their sister was giving them free access to an HBO account:

    sibling one asking why they don't have an hbo account and sibling 2 saying they asked and asked if they used and everytime they said no
    sibling one saying they dont want to share a profile with someone can't they just change it to their name and sibling 2 saying no because siblingn 1 said mulitiple times that they dont use hbo so the account was given to someone that does
    sibling two adding that the first sibling didnt wait to get hbo on their phone and it took so long for them to finally start using it it was because they didn't download it

    15. And lastly, this brother who asked their sibling for food and gas money after spending the last of their own money on Comic-Con:

    sibling one asking for money for food because they don't even have enough for burger king
    sibling 1 saying they dont have money because they made the last payment on comic con and sibling 2 saying you don't pay for comic con when you don't have food or gas, you did that ass backwards