17 Humiliating Messages Where People Got Rejected That Prove How Bleak Dating Is Today

    Love is a battlefield, and people are losing the war every day.

    1. This person whose corny pickup line worked...kinda:

    The line "Do you drive a Nissan 'cause I want you Altima self" gets "That was a good one; I was actually wondering if you know any dealers"

    2. This person who has weirdly specific tastes in women:

    Comment: "I would date u if u were more lowkey on social media; my type of girl is more a lowkey girl kinda insecure so she feels dependent on me, hot but doesn't really know it" response: "That's so lame LMAOO"

    3. This person who was way too mad about "carrying the conversation":

    Comment: "If you expect guys to do all the fuckin work in a conversation, then i can conclude you're a waste of human resources"; response: "I just don't want u bro"

    4. This person who should crop their friend out of their dating profile pictures:

    "I'm researching important dates in history; do you want to be mine?" response: "Who's that cute blonde guy in your pics? He's very cute; is he single?" "So you swiped on me just for my friend" "Pretty much, sorry"

    5. This person who got shut down but had the audacity to ask for the other person's friend's number:

    "Hey, so I've been thinking and I'm really not feeling this; I think you're great but I think we should stay friends"; response: "I don't really do friends, but you can help me out, though: That tall blonde girl who is your roommate, is she single?"

    6. This person who was suffering bad from unrequited love:

    On Christmas, person who gets annoyed when they see this person's lovey-dovey posts with their bf asks if they can block them for their mental health, and are told "Merry Xmas, it's up to you"

    7. This person who thought they got ghosted:

    Person asks if they were ghosted, and person says no, they didn't ghost them, but the person's "conversation skills were subpar," so they "just stopped entertaining mediocrity"

    8. This person who got rejected for a very strange and nitpicky reason:

    Twitter: @fatfuck67
    Person says their dad is dead, and the other person says they're very cute but their past 4 relationships have included a girl w/o a dad, so they told themselves this time they're going to fuck around and see if that makes a difference

    9. This person who got what they wished for:

    Twitter: @C4NCERGIRL

    10. This person who got a shocking question from their Hinge match:

    Twitter: @GeorgiaBridgers

    11. This person who matched with someone they'd met before:

    so yeah I think it’s time to delete hinge

    Twitter: @adeelali204
    "I'm almost certain we were at a party in Feb where I hid in a cupboard for half of it and was asked to leave," and person says "It was my party and I asked you to leave"

    12. This person who sent a message to the wrong person and received much-needed advice:

    13. This person who messaged someone he'd already been rejected by before:

    Twitter: @StevenAvocado

    14. This person who lost a date after going too far:

    Person asks if the other person is on birth control, and when the response is that they're canceling the date, the person says they're kidding, but the other person says they're uncomfortable with these jokes and they're still canceling

    15. This person who asked a suggestive question and did not get the answer they hoped for:

    "When you eat watermelon, do you spit or swallow the seeds?" "I avoid the predicament altogether by purchasing seedless watermelon"

    16. This person who took a shot and missed:

    Person says the other person is due for an appt — "just a Netflix and chill appt; it's good to have a checkup every now and then"

    17. And lastly, this person whose pickup line flopped hard:

    "Yo dude, you kinda look like my first husband, idk I've never been married, though" "That's actually a first, for someone to tell me I look like someone else," "I worked so hard and you didn't even get my joke"