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People Who Were Emancipated From Their Parents As Teens, Tell Us The Story

Share your experience.

An emancipated minor is a minor who has been legally freed from their parents or guardians, which leaves themselves in control of their legal decisions and support.

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And there are many reasons why a minor might get emancipated. Some teens get emancipated because their guardians steal their money and they no longer want them to have access to their finances.

Sometimes, teens file for independence because they have been kicked out of their homes by their guardians.

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Others get emancipated because their lives at home with their guardians are unsafe.

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And sometimes, teens get emancipated simply because they do not get along with their parents at all.

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If you were an emancipated minor and feel comfortable sharing, please tell us your story. Use the comments below (or this Google form if you want to be anonymous) to tell us why you got emancipated, how old you were, and what life was like once you were. You could be featured in a BuzzFeed post or video.