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    People Are Sharing Dumb Things Men Did To "Prove" Their "Manhood" And I Can't Stop Rolling My Eyes


    Recently, reddit user u/CarsonFijal asked other redditors, "What is the dumbest thing you've ever seen a man do to 'prove' their 'manhood'?"

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    And after reading them all, I don't even have words for my disappointment. Just take a look at the responses for yourself:

    1. "Jumped off a balcony onto an uneven, rocky hillside. The first time he did it, he only got a few scrapes. Second time, he broke his leg and wouldn’t admit he needed medical attention until 24 hours later when he passed out from the pain."



    2. "I knew a dude who said 'Oven mitts are for p*ssies,' and then proceeded to grab a hot pizza tray out of the oven bare handed."


    3. "Refused to say the word 'selfie.' The dude called them 'selfos' because 'selfie' sounded too 'girly.'"


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    4. "Proposed to a woman who didn't love him back because she said he wasn't man enough for commitment. These two are my friends from back in college and they ended up breaking up."


    5. "Jumping on a trampoline from the second floor to prove his abs and back muscles were strong enough to cushion the fall."


    6. "This one kid at my old school ate a bee to prove he wasn't scared of them."



    7. "My ex got branded for his fraternity. He has two brands on his pelvis and one on his chest. He got keloids and had to have surgery to remove it, now he's left with huge scars."


    8. "I'm a server and my coworker said he didn't want help. With one hand, he tried to carry 15 drinks on one tray with TWO full coffee pots and broke every single glass. Did not see that man after that shift."


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    9. "I knew a guy who broke his phone but refused to take a free phone from a friend because it had that little note pen and 'Real men don't use those!'"


    10. "My ex quit a job because he didn't like the supervisor being younger than him."


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    11. "About three years ago, an idiot that I know thought he was tough enough to stare at the solar eclipse."


    12. "I remember when I was in college, frat boys played this game where two guys squared off, and each took a turn kicking the other in the nuts. Whoever lasted the longest won."


    13. "Shit his pants. He wanted to show he was a 'real man' by farting, and well, it wasn't just a fart."


    14. "This guy lit his leg on fire with Axe body spray and sustained some burns as a result. He wanted to show us how 'dangerous' he was."


    15. "Stapled his leg with a staple gun to demonstrate that he 'doesn’t feel pain like normal people.' Spoiler alert, he does."



    16. "Not wear a mask."