29 Reasons Why Drunk People Are The Greatest Texters

    The proof is in the pudding.

    1. They ask questions that make you think:

    2. They LOVE to make new friends:

    that time Steve and I got really drunk and texted random numbers

    3. They're not afraid to ask for help:

    Only my sister would text me JB lyrics while she's drunk 😂😂

    4. They believe anything is possible:

    5. They care about your interests:

    Last night I drunk texted my brother he be knowing what’s up

    6. They check up on ol' pals:

    7. They're open books to their parents:

    Drunk texted my mom again.......... 🤦🏻‍♀️

    8. They send the loveliest birthday messages:

    What happens when I drunk text my dad

    9. They LOVE the holidays:

    drunk texted my mom this last night (I guess?) and this was not a response I would expect to get

    10. They're not afraid to share their deepest thoughts:

    11. They check up on the people they care about:

    Drunk texts from Derrick never fail

    12. They let you know what they think of you:

    13. They are ~poetic~:

    14. They have the most positive vibes:

    1 year ago today i drunk texted my grandmother for her birthday

    15. They recognize their mistakes:

    Twitter: @nickpage342 / Via Twitter: @nickpage342

    16. They're emotionally vulnerable:

    It's all fun and games until you get so drunk that you drunk text your dad instead of your roommate

    17. They have the answer to their own questions:

    Last night I was so drunk I replied to my own text

    18. They have jokes:

    19. They always shoot their shot:

    I was drunk last night and texted my ex he replied with this LMAOOOO MAN 😩

    20. They send the best photos:

    Drunk texts from my mom >>>>

    21. They keep up with their pets:

    22. They're random as hell:

    Surely my pal didn't drunk text her ex this? If this isn't the fear I don't know what is 🙃

    23. They're effortlessly funny:

    So my dad texted me that he was drunk and couldn't find his phone... what

    24. They have ~fun~ party ideas:

    I have no recollection of this but apparently I drunk texted my mom, best friend, and stepfather last night to say we need to watch Titanic

    25. They care a lot about their family's well-being:

    My mom is drunk.. This is annoying af.😒

    26. They absolutely adore animals:

    27. They share their amazing ideas:

    28. They're suuuuper encouraging:

    29. And they give amazing advice: