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    20 Times Disney Handled A Serious Subject And, TBQH, Did A Really Good Job

    You're never too young to learn.

    We recently asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us a time when Disney Channel tackled a serious subject and handled it well. Here are some of their best responses:

    Note: Some submissions include topics of eating disorders.

    1. When Penny exchanged homes with a Muslim Pakistani student on The Proud Family and their house was vandalized with "Go back to your country."

    The Proud Family and another family standing outside of a vandalized house
    Disney Channel

    "I remember when I first saw the episode as a little kid around the time it aired and it's stuck with me into adulthood. I think they did a really good job addressing it in a way that kids can understand."


    2. On Hannah Montana, when Oliver educated Miley and Lilly on diabetes because they overreacted when they found out he had it.

    Oliver explaining his diabetes to Lilly and Miley
    Disney Channel

    3. When Cyrus came out on Andi Mack and was accepted and supported by his friends.

    Cyrus coming out as gay to Jonah
    Disney Channel

    "Even though I was older when this show came out, it still made me so happy. I really wish I had a character like that when I was younger to look up to."


    4. When kids were playing with guns on Andi Mack and there was a PSA to parents after the episode to lock up guns if they had any.

    A kid asking Cyrus if he wants to hold a gun
    Disney Channel

    5. When Smart Guy showed how predators lure children on the internet through T.J. buying a video game from someone he met online.

    A man trying to convince T.J. and his friend to undress
    Disney Channel

    6. When Smackle revealed she has Asperger's on Girl Meets World, and for the rest of the show, her friends helped her become more socially and emotionally aware while also respecting her boundaries.

    Smackle talking about having Asperger's and Farkle hugging her
    Disney Channel

    "Riley always asked before hugging her. Smackle would ask questions about certain social situations because she didn't fully understand, but felt comfortable enough around her friends to ask for help and guidance."


    7. When Maddie and London developed bad eating habits on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody because they were body-shamed but learned to love their bodies at the end.

    Disney Channel

    8. When Trish had a cyberbully on Austin and Ally and she opened up to her friends and they helped her confront the bully.

    Trish reading mean comments on her tablet
    Disney Channel

    "Trish was getting cyberbullied because she got the lead role in the school play and the bully was calling her ugly. Trish tried to not let the comments bother her, but then she opened up to her friends and they helped her and confronted the cyberbully. At the end of the episode, they also had a PSA by the four main characters to remind kids that bullying is not okay and to talk to an adult if you're getting bullied."


    9. When That's So Raven depicted racism in the workforce after a job recruiter wouldn't hire Raven because she's Black.

    A job recruiter saying she doesn't hire black people
    Disney Channel

    10. When Riley revealed she had a bully on Girl Meets World and all her friends immediately supported her.

    Riley opening up to her friends about her bully
    Disney Channel

    11. When Riley found out her sister on The Famous Jett Jackson had an eating disorder, so their family worked together to seek professional help and be there for her.

    Riley hearing Hannah vomit in her trailer and their mom talking to Rily
    Disney Channel

    "Riley catches her throwing up after every meal. It was when bulimia and being a size 0 was 'all the rage' and it was the first time I ever heard it being addressed as something dangerous."


    12. When Shawn joined a cult on Boy Meets World because he wanted a family and the Matthews family went to him and said they were his family.

    Cory hugging Shawn and telling him how much he cares about him
    Disney Channel

    13. When T.J., who was 12, drank beer at a party on Smart Guy and spoke about the pressures of fitting in.

    Disney Channel

    "They handled it beautifully. It showed how everyone wants to fit in and how some will go to different measures to do so, but also how parents can be blind to their own kids' actions and refuse to accept they're growing up."


    14. On Good Luck Charlie, when Bob and Amy met Charlie's friend's gay parents.

    Bob and Amy meeting Charlie's friend's moms
    Disney Channel

    "They dealt with that perfectly by showing that some kids don’t have a mommy and a daddy, but a mommy and a mommy or a daddy and a daddy."


    15. When Smart Guy displayed everyday racism through Yvette's racist manager following around Black customers and accusing them of stealing.

    Yvette's boss telling her that she thinks minorities tend to steal more
    Disney Channel

    16. On Liv and Maddie, when Maddie sang “Don’t Need Your Number” in response to the boys at school rating girls by how "hot" they were.

    Maddie recording a video to support the girls in her school
    Disney Channel

    "I was going through a rough time with a friend in which we were not proud of who we were or what we looked like. It was confusing and frustrating and so emotionally draining, but hearing that song as an early teen helped me understand how to view myself better and with more kindness than ever."


    17. When Miranda started skipping meals on Lizzie McGuire because she wanted to lose weight before filming a music video, and Lizzie helped her get the help she needed.

    Lizzie confronting Miranda about her skipping meals
    Disney Channel

    "It was a classic episode considering the fact that it taught people my age that your body is constantly growing and changing, so you need a nutritious meal and that there’s a healthy way to lose weight, which doesn’t include cutting off food altogether."


    18. On Bunk'd, when Griff, who used to be in juvenile hall, came to camp and everyone treated him differently until they realized he wasn't.

    Disney Channel

    19. When Raven was doing a magazine shoot on That's So Raven and the editor made her look slimmer, so Raven called out their problematic beauty standards.

    A photo of Raven in a magazine edited to make her look slimmer
    Disney Channel


    20. And how The Color of Friendship discussed racism and stereotyping people of color, and taught about the apartheid of South Africa.

    Mahree shocked that she has to go to a "negro" school
    Disney Channel

    "Easily the deepest DCOM!"


    What's another time Disney Channel handled a serious subject really well? Let us know in the comments.

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