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31 Design Decisions That Were Absolutely The Wrong Decision

Just tragic.

1. I would love to know what the inspiration was for this pool float design:

2. I thought Spider-Man could only shoot things out of his hands:

3. Nope! This is not a huge stain, it's the actually carpet design:

4. This was an interesting place to put the door handle:

5. This sticker needs to be peeled off immediately:

6. Imagine leaving this room in the middle of the night to pee and then falling to your death:

7. If I saw these tiles in a bathroom stall, I'd immediately walk out:

8. I just don't understand how the illustrator decided to leave the candles there:

9. This welcome mat actually has the opposite effect:

10. The image of this statue is going to keep me up at night:

11. This graph both does and doesn't answer the questions:

12. These pillowcases are not ideal for anyone who's afraid of bugs:

13. The carpet for these stairs was an incredibly dangerous choice:

14. I didn't know there was a city called Nevv York:

15. This cheese packaging design might make you loose your appetite:

16. We love a bedroom that everyone can see into:

17. You can either have privacy or lighting here, but not both:

18. I guess this might be convenient after having a big dinner:

19. Unless you're like 5, this probably is not an ideal place for you to poop:

20. This ski lift sign is about to make me act up 😩:

21. I'm not sure the designer understands how puzzles work:

22. This urinal will have you making some intimate eye contact:

23. This kitchen is giving me claustrophobia: 

24. If I lived here, this door would be locked 24/7:

25. Why is this establishment gatekeeping hand soap?:

26. The only instruction the designer was given for this piece was "show hole":

27. Even bike lanes have road bumps:

28. At this point, this drawer is merely for decoration:

29. There was absolutely no logic involved when putting this vent up:

30. Hopefully this park has a better tennis court:

31. And lastly, I love how these stairs have absolutely no destination:

H/T r/CrappyDesign