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19 Times The Customer Was Not Right And, In Fact, Extremely Wrong

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

1. This customer who thought he received an extremely plain pizza:

2. This customer who tested out glass by dropping it:

3. This customer who tried to order a life-size globe of Jupiter:

4. This customer whose logic about burgers didn't make sense:

5. This customer who assumed that the stack of carts was one big cart:

6. This customer who didn't understand the "Best by" date on milk cartons: 

7. This customer who underestimated the size of their package:

8. This customer who tried to mix and match cans of soda:

9. This customer who did not understand fractions at all:

@enidajahaj I once had to remake a man’s nasty footling sub 3 times because I cut it into 1/4th’s instead of just a half and it “wouldn’t fill him up” if he had to eat it in 1/4ths🙄🙃

Twitter: @jojoachew

10. This customer who returned Legos because they missed the whole point of Legos:

11. This customer who thought they bought gift-wrapping paper:

12. This customer who was confident they pinpointed the problem:

13. This customer who didn't understand the question:

hi thanks for calling how can i help? customer: i cant shut down my iPhone me: what iphone do you have customer: iphone me: what iphone model customer: i got an apple iphone .. me: what iphone model device do you own? customer: apple -.-

Twitter: @Karlincruzz

14. This customer who put back meat in the drinks fridge:

15. This customer who couldn't plug in the wire to the right port even though there were symbols on both:

16. This customer who answered the question but also didn't:

17. These customers who felt that other customers were being unreasonable:

18. These customers who had no idea what bay leaves were:

19. And this customer who asked how cameras work: