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19 Times The Customer Was Not Right And, In Fact, Extremely Wrong

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

1. This customer who thought he received an extremely plain pizza:

Twitter : Pizza came with no toppings complain from Unexpected

2. This customer who tested out glass by dropping it:

3. This customer who tried to order a life-size globe of Jupiter:

Life Size from facepalm

4. This customer whose logic about burgers didn't make sense:

Customer is always right from cringepics

5. This customer who assumed that the stack of carts was one big cart:

6. This customer who didn't understand the "Best by" date on milk cartons:

What the actual fuck? from facepalm

7. This customer who underestimated the size of their package:

I'm just here to serve the customer from funny

8. This customer who tried to mix and match cans of soda:

Just had a customer come up and try to purchase this. Said 6 cans of Sprite was too much. from facepalm

9. This customer who did not understand fractions at all:

@enidajahaj I once had to remake a man’s nasty footling sub 3 times because I cut it into 1/4th’s instead of just a half and it “wouldn’t fill him up” if he had to eat it in 1/4ths🙄🙃

Twitter: @jojoachew

10. This customer who returned Legos because they missed the whole point of Legos:

Someone returned a Lego Set... from facepalm

11. This customer who thought they bought gift-wrapping paper:

To buy silver wrapping paper... from therewasanattempt

12. This customer who was confident they pinpointed the problem:

A customer came into autozone asking for blinker fluid. He handed me this and said it was about half empty from funny

13. This customer who didn't understand the question:

hi thanks for calling how can i help? customer: i cant shut down my iPhone me: what iphone do you have customer: iphone me: what iphone model customer: i got an apple iphone .. me: what iphone model device do you own? customer: apple -.-

Twitter: @Karlincruzz

14. This customer who put back meat in the drinks fridge:

Customers be like... from mildlyinfuriating

15. This customer who couldn't plug in the wire to the right port even though there were symbols on both:

The customer complained about the printer not working even though he plugged it in. This picture was sent in our WhatsApp group after my colleague went to him to check. from facepalm

16. This customer who answered the question but also didn't:

May seem small, but this happens atleast five times a week with customers on Instacart. from mildlyinfuriating

17. These customers who felt that other customers were being unreasonable:

A group of kids filled it up and the parents shouted at customers attempting to complain from trashy

18. These customers who had no idea what bay leaves were:

Chipotle customers with no knowledge of what a bay leaf is from facepalm

19. And this customer who asked how cameras work:

An Amazon question about a, yes you guessed it, camera. from facepalm

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