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    17 Cringey Moments From "Emily In Paris" That I Wish I Could Forget

    Time to start repressing some memories.

    1. When Emily described a perfume as poetry less than two minutes into the first episode. 🙄

    Emily sniffing a sample of perfume and saying, "It's like wearing poetry"

    It was so CORNYY.

    2. When Emily gave *THAT* monologue about being labeled "basic."


    It honestly makes SO much sense that Emily wanted to be Serena and not Blair.

    3. When Antoine and Emily had that conversation about what his company's perfume smelled like.

    Antoine sniffing Emily and telling her that her perfume smells like expensive sex.

    I feel like they were trying to make this scene come off romantic and flirty but the whole interaction just made me uncomfy.

    4. When Emily met Julien and used a translator app to speak to him.

    Emily speaking English into her phone and then playing the French translation on speaker

    The fact that she's so eager and didn't realize how weird this was made it all the more awkward.

    5. When Thomas told Emily his rule about going home with girls.

    Thomas telling Emily that he only makes love to girls who have their own books

    Honestly, almost every time this man opened his mouth it was cringe.

    6. When Emily put a glass on her boob as a way of, like, flirting or something.

    Timothée telling Emily how her wineglass was modeled after Marie Antoinette's breasts, then Emily cupping her own breast with the glass, and then Timothée touching her other breast

    One of the weirdest segues into a hookup I've ever seen.

    7. When Emily learned Timothée was 17 after she'd slept with him because she thought he was older.

    Camille telling Emily that Timothée is 17 and Timothée greeting Emily and kissing her

    The secondhand shame and embarrassment I felt when this happened!!!

    8. When Timothée's mom asked Emily if he was good in bed.

    Camille's mom asking Emily if her son is a good lover

    This was unexpected and just made the whole situation more unbearable!

    9. When Emily and Judith expressed annoyance with the French language.

    Emily and Judith talking about how they are annoyed French people don't pronounce the letter "r"

    It's like every time Emily made a comment about French, her goal was to be arrogant and offensive.

    10. When Emily insisted the chef was wrong at the restaurant.

    Emily sending back her steak and telling Mindy she will teach the chef about customer service

    If she was in Chicago this wouldn't have been an issue, but it was hard watching her be so confident, yet so unaware of her behavior in Paris.

    11. When that dude vulgarly said he had a thing for American girls.

    Emily kissing a guy and then he whispers to her, "I like American pussy"

    😳This so abruptly changed the whole vibe of their moment. I wasn't ready.

    12. When Emily wrote a campaign for a vaginal moisture product for menopausal women???

    Emily writing, "The irony of menopause. Just when you have time to explore your mature, sensual self, the vagina goes on strike"

    Emily's writing sounded straight out of a Carrie Bradshaw column.

    13. When Mindy started singing in the middle of the park and everyone gathered around.

    Mindy singing in the park and groups of people gathering to watch

    This was just soooooooo cliché.

    14. When Emily posted a video promoting a lipstick with a god-awful pun.

    Emily posting an Instagram story with a cheesy pun and a cosmetics company CMO saying Emily is clever

    I'm sorry, but we're supposed to take a twentysomething saying "berry hungry" seriously?

    15. When Emily and Doug had cybersex.

    Emily and Doug video chatting while masturbating

    Having to watch his face, his panting, and his dirty talk was a quite unpleasant viewer experience.

    16. When Emily posted a picture of women smoking in gym clothes with the hashtag, #SmokinBodies.

    Emily posting a picture of women smoking after working out with the hashtags, #FrenchWorkout and #SmokinBodies

    Emily loves a bad pun and this was definitely one of her top three worst.

    17. And when Gabriel made dinner and everyone loved his coq au vin.

    Emily enjoying Gabriel's cooking and Gabriel saying, "At least you're enjoying my coq"

    The double meaning here was just...a lot.

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