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    47 Horrendous Apartment And House Designs That — I Kid You Not — Actually Exist

    I don't understand how anyone could find a carpeted bathroom appealing.

    1. This extremely inaccessible garage:

    2. This home entrance that just...can't be real:

    3. This garage that can't store cars because stairs are in front of it:

    4. This bedroom that's also conveniently a bathroom 🙃:

    5. This weird-ass living room and kitchen set-up:

    6. This shower that offers no privacy whatsoever:

    7. This verryyyy steep driveway:

    8. This staircase that's just a hospital visit waiting to happen:

    9. This kitchen that'll make you lose your appetite:

    10. This super smol, itsby, bitsy, teeny, tiny, bathroom🥺:

    11. This kitchen/bathroom in an extremely overpriced apartment:

    12. This apartment with a staircase that leads absolutely nowhere:

    13. These stairs that are just an accident waiting to happen:

    14. This window that has a ~ great ~ view:

    15. This apartment that at least has natural sunlight I guess:

    16. This HIDEOUS house entrance:

    17. This misaligned window:

    18. This apartment building's absolutely useless "locked" front door:

    19. This DIY shower that should've just been done by a professional:

    20. This, um, his and hers bathroom:

    21. This poorly placed toilet:

    22. This studio apartment that is — er — somewhat convenient: