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    24 Times Twitter Completely Understood The Experience Of College Students

    "All college boys do is buy textbooks, smoke juuls, swipe tinder, eat pizza rolls, and lie."


    college had me checking my emails in the middle of a party


    how I sleep knowing I’m failing my college courses, my mental health is deteriorating and I have no friends


    mom can u come pick me up from college? there’s a girl in my math class wearing chunky filas and I’m scared


    No one: College Student: 🌳 / 🚘 || \ / || \ "idgaf. if they hit 🌳 / || 🚶🏽‍♂️ \ me, they hit me” / || \ 🌳 / || \


    so condoms are free at college but printing isnt? is a nut more important than my assignment? TF


    College student disrespectful af 😂 it could be 10 minutes left in class and the professor trying to say something important, one person starts zipping their backpack, then THE WHOLE CLASS start. I know professors be mad af hearing that early 😂😂👀


    somewhere, 4 dudes are home on thanksgiving break from their first semester of college drinking in somebodys basement sending “back at it” snaps to girls that wont respond. theyre calling it a boys night anyway. tevins mom is making pizza rolls upstairs


    College Me getting Professor home with discussing food from a reading Taco Bell 🤝 “There’s a lot to unpack here”


    all college boy do is buy textbook, smoke juul, swipe tinder, eat pizza roll and lie


    High school: "oh look it's 11 PM, I gotta get to bed soon." College: "oh look it's already 3 AM, maybe I should eat dinner"


    i just saw a guy in the library cry for five or so minutes and then his phone alarm went off and he just? stopped crying? and went right on back to work


    Every professor's "email etiquette": please kneel and bow your head, wait for the Herald to announce your email Subject, please provide plentiful Offerings to show your loyalty Me: *follows etiquette* Prof: Thamks — sent from iPad


    Girls will go to the library pull out their laptop, textbook, agenda, multicolored pens, 2 calculators and a large coffee then just sit on their phone for two hours


    Roommate: don’t you have a class right now? Me: yeah why


    Multiple choice in high school: a) not the answer b) DEFINITELY THE ANSWER c) not the answer In college: a) could be the answer b) oh this one could be too c) doubtful, but what if I’m wrong and it is the answer? d) vague option that could also be right


    Me when my professor lectures for 1 hour and 15 minutes during a 1 hour and 15 minute class


    i don't have any spooks or forks so i broke off a piece of a hanger so i could eat


    me dragging my last 2 brain cells to class cause we need this degree


    me in class taking a picture of notes on the board that i know i will never look at again


    me: doesn’t understand a concept professor that has studied the subject for 37 years:


    meeting with your advisor to discuss classes for next semester


    imagine. ur taking graduation pics with ur sorority sisters. sadie yells “candid time!” u look to ur left. it’s regina. she hooked up with ur bf sophomore year which led to ur break up. u lock eyes and force a fake laugh. the photographer captures the moment. 426 likes baby


    Sunday’s are for starting your homework due at 11:59 at 10pm and seeing how absolutely stressed you can make yourself


    College is a bunch of “wya” lmao all day everyday