29 Photos Of Genius Inventions That Should Be Everywhere By Now If You Ask Me

    An arcade in an airport is actually brilliant.

    1. These single-person restrooms tell you which one has a urinal or toilet:

    Single-person restrooms

    2. This bathroom reminds people to check that their fly is up before they exit the bathroom:

    A sign saying "Zipper Check"

    3. This bar restroom has cushions for drunk patrons to rest their head on while they pee:

    Cushions above the urinals

    4. This university library has a vending machine for study supplies:

    A vending machine with school supplies

    5. This airport has little cabins for you to rent and nap in:

    Nap cabins in an airport

    6. This airport has a little arcade to entertain you while you wait to board your flight:

    An arcade in an airport

    7. This library has the genres of each floor written on the bottom of the stairs:

    Book genres written on the floor

    8. This airport prints out free short stories for you while you wait:

    A printed short story for waiting at the airport

    9. This bathroom has a small door so kids can reach it:

    A small door for kids in a bathroom

    10. This bar has a huge drain under the urinal for people who miss it:

    A drain under the urinal for people who miss the toilet

    11. This airport bathroom mirror has instructions on how to tie a tie:

    Instructions on how to tie a tie on a bathroom mirror

    12. These hotel napkins are designed to help you shoot your shot:

    A questionnaire for people trying to ask someone out

    13. This bar's wristbands have a DUI lawyer and bail bond number on it:

    Wristband with a lawyer and bail bond number

    14. This 7-Eleven sells room-temperature bottled water:

    A shelf with room temperature water

    15. This airport has little soundproof offices you can rent:

    Small sound-proof offices you can rent

    16. This bar has lockable phone charging docks:

    Lockable phone charging docks

    17. This airport has a little museum inside showcasing ancient artifacts:

    A museum in an airport

    18. This airport has rocking chairs:

    Rocking chairs in an airport

    19. This bathroom has splash guards to protect your shoes at the bottom of every urinal:

    A splash guard to protect your shoes while peeing

    20. This airport lines up all the suitcases with the handles facing up to make things easier at baggage claim:

    Suitcases sorted with their handles facing outward for easier pick-up access

    21. This bar has a chilled strip on the counter to keep your drinks cold:

    A chilled strip on a bar to keep drinks cold

    22. This bathroom has hand sanitizer built in at the bottom of the door handle so you can sanitize your hands after touching it to leave:

    A hand sanitizer dispenser on a door handle to sanitize your hands after opening the door

    23. This restroom has lights on the stall to tell you if it's occupied or not:

    Lights on bathroom stalls to tell you if they're occupied or not

    24. This restaurant has a device with buttons so you can request the server, ask for the bill, or tell them that your table is done eating:

    Buttons to call your server

    25. This chair seat has storage for your belongings:

    When the seat is lifted a v-shaped compartment appears

    26. This airport has a little patch of grass next to doggie bags and a trashcan so that dogs can do their "business" without making a mess on the floor:

    The fake grass spot also has a fire hydrant

    27. This pub has a designated area for puking and handlebars to hold on to while doing so:

    The puking area is a round bin in the middle with handlebars on the side

    28. This bar has a breathalyzer by the exit to make sure you're 100% OK to drive:

    A breathalyzer in a bar

    29. And lastly, this airport escalator has a machine that continuously sanitizes the handrails:

    A machine that sanitizes the hand rails of an escalator