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This Interactive Chocolate Chip Cookie Game Will Reveal Your Personality Type

Chocolate chips or chocolate chunks?

Take this interactive quiz to build your perfect chocolate chip cookie! You can scroll down if you need some tips on how the video works.


Not many desserts can satisfy a sweet tooth quite like chocolate chip cookies. Seriously, you can never have too many of them, which is perfect because they can be pretty addicting.

With so many delicious variations, we want to know how you make yours! Here's how it works: The video at the top of this post will guide you through a series of questions. Select your favorite options to design your dream batch of chocolate chip cookies.

You'll start off by choosing the texture you want: chewy or crispy?

Next, you'll choose between chocolate chips or chocolate chunks.

Then you'll choose a topping: sea salt or melted chocolate?

But building your perfect batch doesn't stop there! So what kind of delicious creation will you assemble? Let us know how you customized your perfect chocolate chip cookies below!

And feel free to hit replay after completing your batch to see all of the scrumptious combinations possible.