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30 Controversies That Made Celebrities's Fans Hate Them Overnight

"I stopped admiring Kelly Clarkson after learning that she spanks her kids."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the celebrities they lost respect for, and they were very opinionated. Here are some of the most insightful replies:

Note: Some submissions are from this Reddit thread.

Warning: This post includes topics of sexual assault. 

1. "I absolutely love Drew Barrymore but I can't support her since she chose to continue production of her show despite the ongoing writers' strike. I support workers and unions more. I won’t be watching her show until the strike is settled."


2. "I used to love Mark Wahlberg's movies until I read that he committed hate crimes against two Vietnamese men when he was 16. He knocked one of the men unconscious with a wooden stick, punched the other one, and used racial slurs during the assault. I have no respect for this actor any longer and refuse to watch his movies now. That kind of violence is not acceptable in my eyes for any reason."


Mark Walhberg posing on a red carpet

3. "Camila Cabello. I don't hate her, and I do hope that she's actually changed for the better after everything that's happened, but I can't be a part of her fanbase anymore, nor can I support her work. Her stans were blatantly racist toward Normani and edited her face onto the body of a man who was lynched, all because Normani called Camila quirky in an interview. It took Camila years to even acknowledge the things that took place, which is disgusting considering they were 'best friends.'"


Camila Cabello posing on a red carpet

4. "I'm not on Twitter, but whenever I would read about Chrissy Teigen's tweets, I would find it witty, until last year that is. And with everything that was unearthed this year with her bullying and misogynistic remarks, I'm put off for life!"


"I thought she was funny in a savage way. Some of her tweets and comments I found a bit harsh and inappropriate at times, but then Courtney Stodden called her out for saying they should kill themself."


Chrissy Teigan on a talk show

5. "I used to be a huge 30 Seconds to Mars fan, and Jared Leto seemed like a solid guy from the interviews I had seen back in the day. Over time, though, I started to realize how pretentious he is [even sending his Joker co-stars unprompted packages of anal beads, live rats, condoms, and a dead pig]."


Jared Leto posing for a photo

6. "I stopped admiring Kelly Clarkson after learning that she spanks her kids, and was doing this to her 1-year-old. She not only defended this, but tried to make it sound wholesome. Now all I hear when she's belting it out on the radio is, 'That's the voice that strikes fear into her toddler-aged children.'"


Kelly Clarkson posing next to her seat on "The Voice"

7. "Sia's movie Music basically completed the entire checklist for how not to make a movie about autism. She cast a neurotypical person, used Autism Speaks as a consultant, had a very clichéd and unrealistic depiction of autism, and showed dangerous and inappropriate means of controlling autism as if they were normal."


Sia posing for a photo

8. "Gwyneth Paltrow's bullshit pseudo health information she spreads is terribly incorrect and cringeworthy. It’s sad how many people are actually influenced by it as well."


9. "Armie Hammer should be up here for the rape accusations and cannibalism claims."


Armie Hammer has denied the rape accusations and the cannibalism claims.

Armie Hammer posing on a red carpet

10. "I wasn't the biggest fan of Dr. Phil, but I did admire him. It's been a few weeks since I learned how some people are abused at the Turn-About Ranch treatment facility he sends them to."


Dr. Phil talking on the phone

11. "So many LGBTQ+ readers were able to find solace and acceptance in the Harry Potter books, only for JK Rowling's anti-trans comments to be a slap in the face. The books always had some iffy handling of sensitive issues, but hearing her dismissive and infantilizing comments about trans people is so blatant, it's sickening."


"It’s like JK is actively trying to ruin her legacy. For an author whose whole series was supposedly built around love and tolerance and accepting others who are different and stigmatized, it’s just awful to see her authentic self.  She’s also affected to a degree how I feel about Harry Potter, and I hate that she’s been able to do that to something I loved so much for so long."


JK Rowling posing on a red carpet

12. "I liked Drake Bell until he was charged with child endangerment and sentenced to two years probation."


Drake Bell posing on a red carpet

13. "I was a huge fan of Roseanne Barr in the '90s. Her show was groundbreaking for its time with commentary on race and sexuality. It was about a lower-class family, which broke the usual sitcom form. It was the first sitcom not featuring a 'perfect family.' I thought Roseanne was so cool and progressive with her ideas for the show. It all came crashing down when we learned that she was a big right-wing, Trump-supporting racist. I was so sad to learn that Roseanne Barr was nothing like Roseanne Conner."


Roseanne Barr talking at an event

14. "I used to think James Corden's self-deprecating style, his ingenuity with comedy, and the 'Carpool Karaoke' idea were great. Then I saw story after story from fan encounters where he is a complete and utter douche. Now that I know he's a fake, his shtick is unwatchable. There was a time he played the question game with Jimmy Kimmel and couldn't name two of his own camera people."


James Corden posing on a red carpet

15. "Kanye West's contribution to hip-hop music is undeniable, especially his first six solo albums and his work as a producer in the late '90s/early '00s. His public persona was always a bit annoying, but ultimately harmless. 2020 changed that. His presidential run was a bridge too far for me, especially since it was supported by right-wing operatives who probably wanted to use him as a spoiler candidate. And the quality of his music has also diminished. Not a lot of redeeming qualities left to hold on to."


16. "Honestly, I used to admire Lea Michele. I used to think all the diva stuff was just nasty rumors, but turns out it's not [like Samantha Marie Ware claiming Lea Michele said she would 'shit in her wig.']"


Lea Michelle posing on a red carpet

17. "I was a massive Panic! at the Disco fan and loved Brendon Urie so much. Then it came out that Brendon is a massive POS."


"He's said the n-word and repeated an anti-trans slur."


Brendon Urie apologized for using the anti-trans slur, saying, "It's not OK. Even me telling a story is no excuse using that word, so I am so incredibly, deeply sorry about using that, even in the context I did. There's no excuse, and I am always going to try to improve and get better, but that's still no rationalization for using that word. There's no reason to do it, so, again, I'm sorry."

Brendon Urie posing on a red carpet

18. "After Chris Harrison, the former host of The Bachelor, appeared to defend a contestant's past racist behavior, it showed his true character. The show is so much better without him!"


Chris Harrison posing on the set of a stage

19. "Kelsey Grammer. Ugh, I can never watch Frasier reruns after he supported Trump."


Kelsey Grammer talking at an event

20. "Kat Von D went from the top of the tattoo and cosmetics world to the poster child for anti-vax bullshit with just one Instagram post. Then again, she was always problematic. It just took a while for most people to catch on."


"I used to think she was so cool, and I thought when I could afford to, I would buy all of her makeup. Turned out she’s just the worst and an anti-vaxxer. I am excited that her former brand has no ties to her anymore, so I can buy from them now."


Kat Von D addressed the anti-vax accusations on Instagram and wrote, "My husband and I are NOT anti-vaxxers. Just because we have hesitancies and valid concerns about injecting our baby with specific chemicals and toxins does not mean we are anti anything."

The Washington Post recently reported that, according to her publicist, Kat Von D is vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Kat Von D posing on a red carpet

21. "I adored Kevin Spacey. I loved all of his movies, and he is just such an amazing actor. When all this stuff came out about him being an alleged sexual predator, it broke my heart, and I can never watch any of his movies again."

Nadine Leach

Kevin Spacey walking down the street

22. "I used to love Marilyn Manson's music, but it turned out he allegedly severely abused many women."


Marilyn Manson on a red carpet

23. "Hyde was my favorite character on That '70s Show, but now Danny Masterson is a Scientologist with rape allegations, so fuck that noise."


24. "I looked up to Sharon Osbourne for being an unflappable businessperson and manager extraordinaire who wasn’t afraid to call out Tommy Lee for being abusive to women. Now I read about her racist behavior and opinions, and they can be horrendous."


Sharon Osbourne posing on a red carpet

25. "Tom Cruise went deep into Scientology. The shit he did to his exes is, to me, akin to what Britney Spears is going through."


Tom Cruise on set for "Mission Impossible"

26. "I loved Joss Whedon's shows and his writing style, and the surface stuff, like his stance on feminism, was worth admiring too. Turns out, he’s at best a complete prick."


"I love his work, but he's an abusive jerk to the women he works with."


Joss Whedon posing on a red carpet

27. "I was an Elon Musk fan. Mass Effect is one of my favorite franchises, and I saw Elon and SpaceX as a way of achieving something like the future in Mass Effect. Later I learned that he exploits the fuck out of his workers. I still like SpaceX, and I think they will probably lead to our future in space exploration, but Elon is on top of my shit list, just like most, if not all, billionaires and millionaires — especially the ones who are garbage to the people who made their companies what they are today."


Elon Musk on a red carpet

28. "I used to think Jeffree Star was really cool for being self-made and 'not tolerating the haters,' and his whole message about being yourself was so appealing to me. Then I found out about all the stuff he’s allegedly done, which, combined with how he doesn’t take ANY accountability and shifts the blame around, ruined him for me."


Jeffree Star posing on a red carpet

29. "I used to like James Charles, but any grooming allegations honestly make me sick. The fact that they were a part of it made me so angry."


30. And, "I thought Ellen DeGeneres was really wholesome, and watching her show used to make me feel warm and fuzzy, but then I started getting really soul-leeching sort of vibes from her, and now it just feels like she’s using people. I’m sure it’s always been like that. I mean, she’s there to be paid to entertain people, after all."


Ellen on a talk show

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Which celebrities do you no longer admire? Let us know in the comments.

Correction: The incorrect pronouns were used for Courtney Stodden in an earlier version of this post.