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    17 People Who Experienced Peak Boredom During Quarantine

    Today's to-do list: 1. Stare at the wall for two hours.

    TBQH, there aren't enough TV shows, movies, video games, books, or crafts in the world to keep us steadily entertained as we quarantine due to the coronavirus.

    And sometimes you may think there's no one who could possibly be more bored than you but, trust me, there is. Here are some examples:

    2. This person's grandma who knitted sneakers for them:

    3. This person who tried to played Uno with a chicken:

    4. This couple who made sure their gerbil stayed cultured during quarantine:

    5. This person who walked the red home:

    Attended the 2020 Quarantine Awards tonight as a nominee in the “Most Bored” category. Y’all wish me luck ✨

    6. This person who was concerned that their toilet was smoking:

    Bruh.... quarantine got the wife bored. 😂

    7. This person who carefully stacked Pringles to perfection:

    8. This person who made sure that at least the squirrels could have some fun:

    9. These people whose day was made by a cat turning on a light:

    11. This person who re-created Toy Story:

    12. This person who woke up and decided to be a car:

    13. These people who went above and beyond just wearing masks before taking a walk:

    14. These people who got into their competitive spirit:

    15. This person who brought this spice rack from The Simpsons to life:

    16. These people who were desperate to talk to anyone about Tiger King:

    17. And lastly, this person who got a megaphone to send a message to their neighbors:

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