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20 Facebook Posts From This Year That'll Give You A Much Needed Laugh


1. The posting for this...rare Christmas ornament:

2. This disappointing meal:

i’m never deleting facebook bro😭😭

3. This person's feelings about men:

I don’t get on FB often but when I do, it doesn’t disappoint. 😭

4. This person's hilarious comment:

5. This person's thoughts on crying kids:

6. This unintentionally awk post on Facebook marketplace:

7. This person who joined a unique facebook group:

Quarantine Day 31: I joined a Facebook group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony

8. This description on Facebook marketplace:

The description 😂😭😭 I’m never deleting Facebook

9. This person who trolled a Christmas group:

I’m in an insane Facebook Christmas group and they are gearing up for Christmas in July. I haven’t been kicked out of the group yet, but I’m trying very hard. A THREAD

10. This person's hilarious status:

11. This person's banner:

12. This person's relatable joke:


13. This grandma's mixup:

14. This person's status from during the election:

15. This person's pun that was not well received: 

16. This odd picture that someone came across:

17. This cheerful grandma's picture:

18. This person who overshared on their banner:

19. This eager flat-earther's post:

20. And this person's clever tip:

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