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18 People Who Completely Regret Going To Work That Day

*Calls in sick.*

1. The person who had to clean up this egg disaster:

2. This person who found their coworker's grave mistake:

3. These people who spilled CEMENT down the stairs:

4. These people who probably spent hours correcting their boss's mistake:

5. This person's brand-new break room:

6. This person who probably won't be trusted with dishes for a while:

7. These people who now have to stand in the break room:

8. This person whose boss started charging employees for drinking WATER:

9. This person who got this text from their boss:

10. This person who now has to be on call for the cash register during their lunch break:

11. This person who received a "gift" after working through a pandemic:

12. This person who accepted a fake $100 bill at work:

13. These people who were basically poisoned by their coworker's popcorn:

14. This person who had a bad fall:

15. This person who had a spill in their car:

16. These people who had to deal with catastrophe:

17. This person who ended up having to stay waaaay past their shift:

18. And lastly, this person who had to organize this filing nightmare:

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