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    Ariana Grande Just Shared Her Wedding Photos On Instagram And, Wow, They're Stunning

    Yuh, she wore the ponytail.

    So, last week, you might've heard that Ariana Grande got married to luxury real-estate agent Dalton Gomez.

    Well, she just dropped a few photos of the wedding day on Instagram, and my jaw is on the floor!!!

    She wore a custom white silk gown by Vera Wang and, yes, her EYE-conic, signature, high pony!

    Ariana simply captioned each photo "5.15.21," the day of their wedding.

    Oof, adorable, just adorable🥺.

    Buttercup from the animated show The PowerPuff Girls crying with joy

    To see even more photos of their wedding, check out Vogue's piece on it.