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Here Are 10 AITA Submissions Where All Parties Were Declared The A-Hole — Now You Have To Decide Who's The Bigger A-Hole

"I lied to my wife about the length of my work trip to avoid a vacation with my in-laws, who don't respect my boundaries."

We've done a bajillion quizzes and posts about stories from the r/AmItheAsshole? subreddit, but in case you're new to it, it's a subreddit where people post real-life conflicts they had and ask Reddit users to tell them if they were in the wrong or not.

Screenshot of the subreddit landing page

After some time and plenty of feedback from redditors, a badge is added to the post that declares whether the person who posted the story is "the asshole" or whether everybody in the situation is in the wrong.

Screenshots with badges: Not the A-hole, Asshole, and Everyone Sucks

For this poll, I've grabbed 10 of the top posts that were ruled "Everyone Sucks," and I'm forcing you to choose a side. I believe that there's always one person who's just a liiiiiiitle bit more of the asshole in the situation, and I want you to decide who that is.

Ready to make some tough decisions? Okay, here we go:

1. "AITA for making a dad joke?"

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length, clarity, and/or style.

Please feel free to elaborate on your voting choices in the comments!