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Black People Who Grew Up Christian, Why Did You Become An Atheist Later In Life?

Get it off your chest.

Faith, especially Christianity, is an important part of the lives of many Black people. But many believers who were either raised in it or found faith on their own, come to a point when they stop believing in God altogether, which is totally fine.

church congregation

Maybe a family member died young because of disease, and you just couldn't restore your faith in a God who would let that happen.

pastor at the podium

Perhaps your family forced faith onto you since birth and as you got older the idea of God just made increasingly less sense to you.

unenthused choir singer

Or perhaps you're queer and the church you grew up in wasn't accepting of that, and their teachings turned you off to Christianity completely.

someone sitting along in a pew

This may seem like a sensitive topic, but having an open and serious conversation can be very enlightening. If you're Black and atheist, what's the reason you stopped believing in God? Tell us in the comments below (or use this Google Form if you'd like to be anonymous).