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    18 Famous Actors You Never Realized Made Appearances On Popular TV Shows And Movies

    I never caught Ashley Benson in 13 Going On 30.

    Last year, I wrote a post showing some of the smaller roles famous actors did before they got famous. Many people left even more examples in the comments, so here are even more famous actors you never caught in these popular TV shows and movies.

    1. Here's Pedro Pascal. You probably know him from The Last of Us or Game of Thrones:

    Pedro in glasses and a sweater around his neck on the red carpet

    Here's Pedro in 1999 playing a character named Eddie on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    Pedro looking at Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy

    2. Here's Dakota Fanning. You probably got to know her from her major roles in Uptown Girls, The Cat in the Hat, and Charlotte's Web:

    Dakota in a spaghetti-strap lacy dress

    Here's Dakota in 2001 playing a neighbor kid on Malcolm in the Middle:

    Dakota about to bite an arm

    3. Here's Ashley Benson. You probably know her from Pretty Little Liars:

    Ashley smiling

    Here's Ashley in 2004 as one of the Six Chicks in 13 Going On 30:

    Ashley with other young girls

    4. Here's Mila Kunis. You probably know her from That '70s Show, Black Swan, or Friends With Benefits:

    Close-up of Mila smiling

    Here's Mila in 1997 in Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves:

    5. Here's Cory Monteith. You got to know him from his role on Glee:

    Cory in a suit on the red carpet

    Here's Cory in 2005 on an episode of Supernatural from the first season:

    6. Here's Jane Lynch. You probably know her from Glee:

    Close-up of Jane smiling

    Here's Jane in 2004 as Chandler and Monica's real estate agent on Friends:

    Close-up of Jane

    7. Here's Lin-Manuel Miranda. You probably know him from his work writing and starring in Hamilton and In the Heights on Broadway:

    Close-up of Lin-Manuel

    Here's Lin-Manuel in 2011 as Stella's original owner in Modern Family:

    Lin-Manuela in glasses and gesturing

    8. Here's Matt Damon. You probably got to know him from Good Will Hunting, the Bourne franchise, or one of his many other film roles:

    Matt on the red carpet

    Here's Matt in 1988 as Charlie's little brother in Mystic Pizza:

    Close-up of Matt smiling

    9. Here's Seth Rogen. You probably came to know him from his roles in Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, and several other comedy flicks:

    Close-up of Seth in a suit and tie

    Here's Seth in 2001 in Donnie Darko:

    Seth in an audience

    10. Here's Octavia Spencer. You probably know her for her major roles in The Help and Ma:

    Octavia smiling on the red carpet

    Here's Octavia in 1999 as Cynthia in Never Been Kissed:

    Octavia with Molly Shannon as Anita

    11. Here's Tessa Thompson. You probably came to know her from her roles on Dear White People or in the movie Selma or as Valkyrie in the MCU:

    Tessa in a strapless gown

    Here's Tessa onVeronica Mars, in which she starred as Jackie, the daughter of a Neptune Sharks baseball player, from 2005 to 2006:

    Close-up of Tessa as Jackie

    12. Here's Max Greenfield. You probably know him from New Girl or The Neighborhood:

    Max smiling

    Here's Max on Veronica Mars, in which he played the new sheriff's deputy from 2005 to 2007:

    13. Here's Dianna Agron. You probably got familiar with her from Glee:

    Close-up of Dianna

    Here's Dianna on Veronica Mars, in which she played a student at Hearst College from 2006 to 2007:

    Dianna in an audience

    14. Here's Ben Affleck. You know him from his many major roles in movies such as Good Will Hunting, Pearl Harbor, and Gone Girl:

    Ben walking on the street and holding a cellphone

    Here's Ben in his television debut in 1984 in The Voyage of the Mimi as C.T. Granville:

    Ben as a boy looking scared

    15. Here's Ryan Gosling. You probably know him from The Notebook, La La Land, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and more:

    Ryan smiling

    Here's Ryan on a 1996 episode of Goosebumps:

    Close-up of Ryan

    16. Here's Adam Scott, whom you probably came to know from Parks and Recreation:

    Adam in a tweed suit on the red carpet

    Here's Adam in 1995 as the recurring character Griff on Boy Meets World:

    Close-up of Adam smiling

    17. Here's Jessica Alba, whom you know from her starring roles in many box office hits, including Fantastic Four, Valentine's Day, and Good Luck Chuck:

    Close-up of Jessica

    Here's Jessica in 1999 as Samantha in P.U.N.K.S.:

    Close-up of Jessica wearing headphones

    18. And lastly, here's Miley Cyrus. You got to know her from Hannah Montana and her huge career in music:

    Miley performing onstage

    Here's Miley in 2003 in Big Fish as one of the little kids who went to the witch:

    Close-up of Miley with three other kids