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    18 Things That — I Kid You Not — Famous People Actually Tweeted

    Next time, maybe keep some of these in the drafts.

    1. When Madonna used her album cover art to honor Martin Luther King Jr.:

    This ❤️#rebelheart had a dream!

    Twitter: @Madonna

    2. When Khloé Kardashian thought that her jeans were fairly priced:

    3. When Troye Sivan gave Tyler Oakley some words of encouragement:

    4. When Tinashe "honored" Whitney Houston after she died:

    5. When Kirstie Alley paid her respects after Stephen Hawking's death:

    6. When Hulk Hogan thought Bam Margera was dead:

    7. When Big Sean didn't like the way Justin Bieber hugged Ariana Grande on stage at her concert:

    8. When Gregg Sulklin compared his intense workout to a tragedy:

    9. When Zac Efron paid tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.:

    10. When Jane Lynch was trending on Twitter after her statements defending billionaires:

    11. When Gina Rodriguez helped out a fan...kinda:

    12. When Bhad Bhabie tweeted about meeting Kim Kardashian:

    13. When Mia Farrow tweeted a googled picture of her own daughter to wish her happy birthday:

    14. When Charli XCX revealed that she never watched The Hunger Games despite being on the soundtrack:

    15. When Frankie Muniz was YEARNING for attention from Lizzo:

    16. When Ja Rule responded to the backlash for being cofounder of the ~iconic~ Fyre Fest disaster:

    17. When Khloé Kardashian unexpectedly replied to this baking fail:

    18. And finally, when Cher replied to someone with this ~legendary~ tweet:

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