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    27 Flawless And Perfect Photos Of Young Rob Lowe

    Well isn't he a tall glass of Sodapop?

    1. When he wore this tank top and his hair quaffed perfectly in the wind.

    2. When he was pubescent and sun-kissed at a this baseball game.

    3. When he mastered layering perfectly.

    4. The time he graced a lawn with the presence of his tiny red shorts.

    5. That time he peered into the depth of your soul with a casual satin flamingo in the background.

    6. That time he may or may not have worn lipgloss on his perfectly plump lips.

    7. That time he looked questionable in a black turtleneck and long chain but still really, really, good looking.

    8. That time he schooled Tom Cruise at hand wrestling.

    9. That time his color-blocked popped-collar made you drool a little bit.

    10. That time he laid in a bed with his lips parted and made you feel lots of feelings.

    11. That time he went a little overboard with the bronzer but managed to give you a lady boner nonetheless.

    12. That time he wore hipster glasses before hipsters existed.

    13. That time he wore really, really tight bluejeans and stood in nature.

    14. That time he auditioned for '50 Shades of Grey'.

    15. When he showed off his left jab, right hook boxing moves without sweating.

    16. That time his hair was disheveled and he didn't give a shit.

    17. When he was wearing mom jeans in a stable drenched in a bucket of oil.

    18. When the light hit the contours of his neck muscles and cheek bones perfectly.

    19. When he caught you looking at him showering in public.

    20. When he was all angry and naked and sweaty and angry and naked.

    21. When he tried to get away with not wearing pants and his friend *literally* cock blocked him.

    22. When he pulled a Jon Hamm and gave us this exceptional camera angle.

    23. When he rocked this letterman jacket like nobody's business. (Also, bulge).

    24. That time the ocean birthed the world's first perfect male specimen.

    25. That time he hugged this horse.

    26. That time he and Patrick Swayze got matching haircuts and laughed about it.

    27. (Caption).