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    11 Reasons Why Bonobos Are The Sexiest Primates

    They're sexy and they know it.

    1. They live in a matriarchial society, i.e. the females are the dominant sex.

    2. Because the females are in charge, there is relatively zero conflict. They cooperate to solve problems (which are rare), and non-violence is key.

    3. Although female bonobos are about 20% smaller than males, they dominate males by sticking together. If a male gets out of line and harasses a female, all the other females react in sisterly solidarity.

    4. They have lots and lots and lots of sex. Like all the time.

    5. They are often bisexual, having frequent, casual sex with both sexes. Bonobos utilize sex like humans utilize handshakes or hugs, like a greeting among friends.

    6. Unlike many mammals, Bonobos prefer to make eye while having sex, and they also kiss during the act, just like humans.

    7. Bonobos "discuss" which position they want to have sex in with each other (with noises and gestures) until they both agree.

    8. While chimps make a single noise while having sex, bonobos use many different noises and fluctuate in a variety of sounds during the act.

    9. Bonobos use sex to celebrate. For example, if a new fruit tree is discovered, an orgy will break out among the community. After the fruit has been eaten, another orgy ensues.

    10. Lots of sex, of course, equals lots of baby bonobos. But unlike other primates, there has been ZERO instances of infanticide recorded among the species.

    11. Bonobos share 97% of the same DNA that makes up humans.

    But these awesome creatures are threatened by poaching, hunting, loss of habitat, and disease.