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11 Reasons Why Bonobos Are The Sexiest Primates

They're sexy and they know it.

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3. Although female bonobos are about 20% smaller than males, they dominate males by sticking together. If a male gets out of line and harasses a female, all the other females react in sisterly solidarity.

5. They are often bisexual, having frequent, casual sex with both sexes. Bonobos utilize sex like humans utilize handshakes or hugs, like a greeting among friends.

9. Bonobos use sex to celebrate. For example, if a new fruit tree is discovered, an orgy will break out among the community. After the fruit has been eaten, another orgy ensues. / Via Tumblr

A chimpanzee, on the other hand, might gorge itself on the fruit, guard the tree, and share only with reluctance.