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    11 Fairytales You Loved As A Child That Are Actually Really Creepy

    There's a reason their last name was Grimm.

    1. Beauty and the Beast / Via Tumblr

    In the 1957 version, Belle's jealous sisters conspire to have her eaten alive by the Beast. Because what goes better with beastiality than a family homicide? Luckily, Disney's adaptation left out that small, sinister detail.

    2. The Frog Prince / Via

    In the version you might remember, the frog is turned back into royalty with a tender kiss bestowed by a princess. But in one early version, the princess instead beats the poor animal until he changes form. In another, she burns and decapitates him in the hopes of dispelling his dark magic. Someone call PETA, stat!

    3. Hansel and Gretel / Via Tumblr

    So how did Hansel and Gretel end up "lost" in the forest anyhow? Don't be fooled, it was no mistake. Because the family was starving to death during a famine, it was their mother's cruel trick to dispose of the offspring. So much for motherly love.

    4. The Little Mermaid / Via Tumblr

    Ariel has come a long way. In the original 1837 tale, the titular mermaid allows her tongue to be chopped off, and trades in her fins for a pair of legs. But the legs cause her to feel constant and agonizing pain. And when the prince marries another woman, she melts into sea foam.

    5. Rumpelstiltskin / Via Tumblr

    Remember when Rumpelstiltskin "disappears into thin air" when the miller's daughter guesses his name? NOPE. He actually commits suicide by pulling his legs off. Props to the brothers Grimm for the compelling, yet super creepy imagery!

    6. Cinderella / Via Tumblr

    Every eligible bachelorette in the land wanted to fit her foot into that glass slipper. But Cinderella's evil stepsisters took the attempt to an extreme, cutting off pieces of their feet to squeeze into the glass (and now bloodied) slipper. And later on, the pair get their eyes pecked out by pigeons. KARMA'S A BITCH.

    7. Little Red Riding Hood / Via Tumblr

    In Italy and Austria, a version of 'Little Red Riding Hood' (titled 'Little Red Hat') includes a plot line where Red is tricked into eating her grandmother's dead body. After which, she strips down naked and jumps into bed with the villain, who then eats her. It's like 'Inception'...with cannibalism.

    8. The Pied Piper / Via Wordpress

    In 'The Pied Piper', a village is overrun with rats. A man is hired to rid the town of the vermin, and once he does, the villagers won't pay up. For payback, the Piper takes it upon himself to rid the town of another nucance: the villagers' children. In modern versions, he leads the kids to a cave, where they hang out until he gets his money and then he releases them. In the original, he drowns them all in a river.

    9. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves / Via Tumblr

    It's already creepy enough that the evil queen in Diseny's 'Snow White' asks the huntsman to carve out Snow's heart, but the original version is much worse. Instead of her heart, the queen asks for Snow's liver and lungs—not to prove she is dead, but so the body parts can be served at dinner. Bon appétit!

    10. Sleeping Beauty / Via Tumblr

    OK, take a deep breath and get ready for this one: In the original 'Sleeping Beauty', Aurora is in the midst of her hundred year nap when a king sees her, gets aroused, and rapes her while she sleeps. Nine months later she gives birth to twins (STILL ASLEEP), and only wakes up when one of the children sucks her finger (WTF?). Finally cognizant, she is now the mother of two children and a rape victim.

    11. Goldilocks and the Three Bears / Via

    In a 1837 version of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', Goldilocks doesn't escape out of the house unharmed. Instead, she is simply torn apart and eaten by the bear clan. And that's what you get for breaking and entering.

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